Speaking & Coaching


Attention: Meeting Planners, Conference and Talk Show Organizers


Meet the Uniquely Qualified, #1 Best Selling Author of Widely Acclaimed E-Book on

Personality Development, for Impactful Value Enhancement


To convey the power of 'Imagination'


To address audiences both big and small


To help inspire and motivate your work-force


To build focus and commitment in tomorrow's leaders


To increase efficiency while reducing management' stress


To take the fear out of "Internet of Things" with Unbiased Analysis


To share with live examples the "Power of Referrals" in any industry


To help MLM & Network Marketing Cos multiply their TEAMS' productivity  


To bring home the importance of policies and procedures for continued success


To cut costs and bring in a new way of efficiency with proven Cost-cutting Analysis


To sustain staff-retention, decrease absenteeism and maximize workers' productivity


To teach real estate professionals, tried & tested techniques of Over 500 Deals in 5 Years


To create master sales professionals from ordinary sales staff & increase sales by 25% or more


To address any or all of your burning questions related to effective guidance of TEAM members


In addition to the above 'Speaking' solutions, I have the expertise to assist with revising and/or recreating Corporate Training Manuals, continued training solutions, webinar, teleconferencing and/or other essential productivity enhancement objectives your business, organization or institution could benefit from   




I treat each Speaking/Coaching Opportunity as a chance to create fulfillment in other persons' life!!!


Custom-designed content-delivery with Best in the Industry Compensation Package,

Based upon Clients' Needs and Expectations


In this above spirit, I shall be keenly looking forward to serving you and yours


Thank You!