Please say 'NO' to Me!

“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It is because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

WOW! That’s a new one, isn’t it? Who, in today’s fast-paced world wants to hear a ‘no’ from anyone? Me, of all others, not a chance! If that is your approach, perhaps you are setting yourself up for failure in some of the greatest achievements this life has to offer.

It is true nobody wants rejection and dejection in life. At the same time, we must also accept the Universal Truth that these two outcomes go hand-in-hand with acceptance and approval, wherever we go. No sane individual can ever make a verifiable claim that he or she never faced negative response to his/her attempt at anything in life.

I am sure most of my readers would have already heard the story about shucking oysters in search of the one that carries the pearl in its bosom. You might have to shuck a hundred, a thousand, or even more to get at that coveted one. If you cannot afford disappointment each step of the way, you might as well forget the bounty waiting at the end of the road for the persistent one to come and grab.

The above quote from one of the best-known geniuses of modern times is ample proof of humility and absolute focus on the goal. Einstein pays homage to the detractors that refused to accept his vision, his submissions and his keen sense of creativity that gave us the ‘theory of relativity’ as well as the photon theory of light.

With over 300 scientific papers to his credit, combined with his keen sense of looming danger of nuclear arms race, the genius of Einstein shall always remain a guiding principle to scientists for generations to come.

Without going any deeper into the life history of this extraordinary scientist, we can understand the challenges that he must have faced in promoting his beliefs. His keen sense to find answers to various problems must have faced a lot of opposition from his superiors and those around him. No wonder he became a loner!

Credit must be given to the Nobel Prize winning scientist for his tireless work in taking his Relativity Theory to new heights. His quantum theory contributed to statistical mechanics as well as atomic transition probabilities.

When offered the Presidency of the State of Israel, Einstein politely declined as his focus always remained on research in physics and its various applications to benefit mankind. He was also instrumental in establishing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Einstein went on to say: “A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” Just this one statement alone speaks volumes about his genius. He kept on trying new ideas and persistently maintained his quest to unearth various links, in terms of the relativity of different theories, principles, and results.

He propounded new philosophies that hold unprecedented value for posterity. Can we still maintain complete silence over the intrinsic value of accepting each ‘NO’ as the harbinger of yet another creative outcome? I do not think so!

Let us take further guidance from this contextual quote from none other than Franklin D. Roosevelt: “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot, and hang on.” Do we really need more proof of the power of persistence against all naysayers? I do not think so. The simplistic invocation to ‘hope’ propels us to think positive despite any setbacks.

So long as we are alive and ticking, we must maintain a positive attitude and keep moving forward. The day is not far when the worst detractors will be forced to see the value in our thoughts, ideas, summations, and philosophies wherein we invested a major part of our life.

It is my sincere hope and aspiration that you, my dear reader, thinker and potential change-maker, see value in the above submission. I anticipate your equally positive outlook to wean many more individuals away from the brink of failure in their aspirations. Please make sure they also appreciate the hidden value in the laser-sharp vision of their goal and persistent quest to keep inching forward, even if at a snail’s pace but onward, for sure.

We are truly fortunate to have so many extraordinary achievers to prod us forward when disappointment takes over. Their outstanding commitment, against mounting negativity, brought them laurels and gave us so much abundant knowledge that we make use of, in our day-to-day life. But for them, as our guiding beacons, we might still be languishing in the Stone Age and hunting for food, fighting against ferocious animals and recording small victories to just survive, not thrive!

Thank You!

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