“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory”~ Gen. George S Patton

Challenges in life reinforce our resolute determination to live and prosper. Those scared of them give up their claim to happiness in a resigned tone. The only consolation is obvious in their incessant complaints. True not everyone can handle them with equal dexterity and finesse, so what?

The courageous ones seek answers. Creative attitude allows them to look for the positive against all odds. The strength to adjust enough to ride out the turmoil and then stand tall once it has passed is what makes them worthy of the lead role.

Leadership does not exist in inventing imaginary situation of approaching disaster or playing a lame duck when they must take definitive action. This is what we are dealing with in the strongest republic on earth today! There is an absolute absence of accountability and orientation among those bent upon deceiving the people in the aftermath of the Presidential Elections.

The most valuable right granted by democracy to the citizens of a nation belongs to their sovereign will to elect their commander with a free, nonpartisan ballot. Supported by independent witnesses, the government of the day conducts the elections. It makes sure every single citizen can enjoy his/her freedom to decide on the most popular candidate.

It is an individual’s obligation to recognize that his/her fundamental rights prevail without restraint. Any evidence or sign of such a move needs an immediate announcement to the officials. The authorities must note down the complaint and act in a competent way to eliminate the obstacle.

It is their duty to ensure proper management of the ballots. More so, the power of the executive committee thrives in a neutral administration. It is under pledge to the nation’s constitution to be active in a law-abiding way to suppress any abuse of the systems and resources for unjust advantage.

Once we know of the foregoing regulations, it becomes obvious that the people in power at the Federal level did not fulfill their own obligation on this front. They are now inciting protests in the name of justice. How else would they assume her triumph without granting a proper opportunity to those with a distinct outlook?

It is mind-boggling to conceive that such an enormous nation, the most influential force on earth, with a populace of over 330 Million could not present more candidates, besides Mr. Trump to fight the assumptive President Mrs. Clinton.

Political theorists of different leanings together with the Press, influenced by such extraordinary forces as CNN had anointed and forcefully projected Hillary as the favored one. They refused to accept the results. If these agencies, individuals, and deep-pocketed influencers had such great vision and the power to shape citizens’ choice, why did they agree to the conduct of the polls in the early phase? They should have sat down in a (Pontifical) Conclave and imposed their agreement on the nation.

Now, that the elections are over and the new President has taken up position, Million Women March around the globe has given up its relevance other than presenting this magnificent country as a laughingstock on the world political stage.

President Trump is correct in his tweets asking these protesters why they did not cast their own ballots. If they wished their designated leader to form the government, they should have gone out to vote instead of getting out now to complain when the course has changed. What makes them want the public’s absolute support and understanding in the light of their own failure to vote? I feel bad for them but no sympathy.

Every single one of these protesters believes he/she is more qualified to be the President and carries the competence to counsel the one elected. They are unwilling to respect the people’s will by protesting against the duly elected leader. If that is not the situation, what was Mrs. Clinton’s government doing through the whole election cycle? Why is her camp blaming the results on Russian mediation now? They had all the means and logistics at their disposal to find out and prevent any meddling from any agency. The opponent had no such luxury at his disposal.

Why do these protesters overlook such a vital issue instead of examining their own casual approach to exercise their franchise at the ballot box?

Federal elections, as we see, include a protracted process. What drove the Government of the United States of America so weak over such a long period of time it did not perceive or obstruct any Russian domination or scheme to shape the result against one of its very own? If that is the fact, they have forfeited their claim to administer this magnificent country.

It seems to be more a matter of autocracy in the social sense that 8 years in the White House as the First Lady and another 8 as one of the influential members of President Obama’s governing team presented a title to Mrs. Clinton to wrestle the Presidency away by default. Their blind faith kept them from building a better image of Hillary Clinton as the next incumbent, over the years. This failure to act in time resulted in a sudden catapult they refuse to accept.

Democracy thrives on the fodder of people’s will. The same will of the people has elected Mr. Donald Trump as the President. It is in the interest of every intellectual and conscientious citizen of this wonderful nation to submit to the same and allow the elected leader work with maximum cooperation wherever needed. Those disinclined to believe are undermining democracy and warrant to be liable!

Thank You!

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