Two Imposing Traits Of Human Life

Promotion and Protection: One is Incomplete without the other!

Well, that sounds like a new theory, not a broken record, right? I proclaim it on the strength of my own, firsthand experience on numerous occasions and under varying circumstances. Here is a curtain raiser for the non-believers as much as for those undergoing the same challenge on a regular basis. The most imposing question relates to identifying the two inter-linked tenets of human urge, not Will Power, or heart’s desire.

Let us look into our own lives with the glance of an introspective individual and see what role the above two aspects of promotion and protection play. Can we honestly claim that we N E V E R tried to promote our own needs, wants, ideas, thoughts, observations, suggestions and/or whims and fancies for personal gain? I doubt it.

Do you remember your early childhood? Did you never ask your parents and/or caregivers to give you your own choice of food or snack? You did bring forward your wish, your taste, your choice, and your need, no matter how mildly you might have promoted it.

The above trend continues unabated in our adulthood, though to very differing degrees. Beyond all belief, at times it becomes our second nature. The best part is that there is no one to blame for it. It is not one or two of us but the entire human race that has developed a passion for promoting itself in one form or another. There is nothing wrong with it though when exercised with restraint.

The point I intend to make is that self-promotion continues to manifest itself in its various ‘avatars,’ some mild and others just too overwhelming. No wonder selfishness finds little company in our society.

I see no harm in promoting oneself but only as long as we do not suppress others’ rights. No matter what situation you are in, there are always other people’s interests involved, either directly or indirectly. We must have all heard of Newton’s third law of motion: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If it was not true, we shall have no rockets hurtling into the outer space. Why, because there is no air in space that the rocket could push off. However, the burning fuel pushes the resulting exhaust gases in the opposite direction. This process provides the much-needed forward thrust. More or less the same way, some of us use the same obnoxious gas of “Me, Mine and Myself” to propel our own agenda. No wonder, we invite disdain of the masses, pushing them away, in the opposite direction.

We may not be aware of the innumerable ways we generate reaction to our self-promotion. However, the fact remains that somehow, somewhere, someone feels the impact. At times, this realization comes when it is already too late for us to mend the situation. They say a physical wound can heal with time but the one we give others with our wrong choice of words, actions, ill-timed sentiments and/or lack of empathy, never.

Promote yourself as much as you want but please make sure not to usurp others’ right to equal freedom, if not more. Such balanced approach will automatically help spread your judiciousness in and around your circle of friends, relations and all those that matter in your life.

Coming back to ‘protection,’ let us consider our defenses, our own private fences that we believe keep intruders away. For all practical purposes, it is not the outsiders but us that curtail our reach by enclosing ourselves within the self-imposed barriers.

We have all come across a peculiar personality trait in some individuals that we like to call ‘loners.’ Would you enjoy the company of such an individual? I doubt it. ‘Loners’ display their emphatic reservation to influences in a very pronounced fashion. In most such cases, some incident and/or influence left an indelible print on their childhood in a negative fashion.

It could also be a general lack of trust in humanity due to self-imposed inferiority complex. This lack of confidence makes matters worse because they enclose themselves in a hard shell believing it to be a protection gear. Such anti-social conduct often results in lost opportunities. More often than not, their creativity dies down for want of new ideas, challenges, and/or goals.

On the other hand, we also witness some disrespectful, careless and self-centered individuals that go all out to protect their own interests, ideas, philosophies, and/or ambitions. These are the wolves hiding in the cloak of sheep. They do not care how fast they could fall flat on their faces when proven wrong. Majority of such examples exist in political leadership around the world. They make huge proclamations to grasp power but forget the same even before taking Oath of Office. Of course, they have short tenure other than a few exceptions (of dictators.) These selfish individuals go out on a limb to promote their personal agenda and then start to protect their selfish interests at the cost of others.

Looking at the above scenario, will it not make sense for us to find a balance between the two? Why can we not learn how to balance both ‘promotion’ and ‘protection’ so our own progress becomes the harbinger of others’ gain as well?

Let us all strive to promote public good and encourage others to participate in protecting the same with all their might. Such a noble change in our personality can be a powerful catalyst for all-around growth bringing multiple hands to support us, when and where needed. They will not only help with our own promotion but also stand guard to protect the gains we commit to share with them without inhibition.

It would go with the following words of wisdom from General Eisenhower – “The world must learn to work together, or finally it will not work at all.”


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