When Handed Lemons …

Friends! Life is a process, a continuous process that takes its toll on us, no doubt, but gives much more in return to those who carry a positive attitude. You only have to see the signs and act accordingly. Don’t we all know the old adage: when handed lemons, we should strive to make lemonade out of them?

What I do differently is make marmalade out of those same lemons because it tastes better and I can enjoy it longer!!!

In order to venture on to the path of productivity, we must attain perfection in our preparation. In simple words, whatever you do, focus on doing it better than the guy or the gal sitting next to you; do it better than the best guy in the business; do it so well that you stand out. Learn to live each day as if it was the last day of your life, the Day of Final Judgment! Do it so well that it leaves a legacy.

You put your heart and soul into what you do with the belief that this last act of yours is what you will be judged upon. It is this sense of completion that will help you forge ahead because now you have proven that whatever someone else could do, you can do better. It is this hard-earned admiration that will lead you to recognition (when coupled with persistence) and then further on to personal satisfaction.

Remember, ‘recognition is what babies cry for and men die for.’ You will only start to feel personal pride in your work, no matter how insignificant, once your dedication and commitment to excel take you on the path of recognition. For all practical purposes, it is not too difficult to embark upon this path. However, the most formidable challenge lies in our utmost commitment to stay focused, under all kinds of pressure, and extenuating circumstances.

I am no philosopher nor am I an educator; neither a forceful advisor nor a persuasive snake-oil salesman. Why should you pay heed to what I say, write or do in or with my life? I am just one of you, a run of the mill simpleton, but one with a difference, a huge difference, if I may say so: what makes me different is my uncompromising quest to go beyond limits, my unflinching desire to challenge the outer boundaries and my calculative projection of immense possibilities.

I am not the only one on this road of possibilities, rather the ‘Highway to Success’© and I beckon you, each one of you, to come and join me and why just join me, why not overtake me and show the way to millions of others, who could also follow in your foot-steps.

I am not the one trying to push you to do something or anything for that matter. Why? Because by pushing people, one ends up pushing them away whereas my choice of pulling will only bring you closer to me on this great journey to a Unique You!

That exactly is the reason I like to identify with a guide by your side and not a sage on the stage; a teacher on call rather than a preacher behind the wall.

When you embark upon the path to upgrade your ideas and philosophy of life, you will automatically start to realize a quantum change in your thought process. Your imagination will assist you in finding better, faster and more economical ways of accomplishing tasks. The resulting creative process will help you acquire a marked distinction from the common man. You will realize your hidden talent. This process of ‘self-realization’ will be the harbinger of ‘self-appreciation.’

Now that you have the basic ground rules for making a change spelled out, it is time to make perfection a daily habit. Get rid of the mediocre performance mode to complete given assignments. Instead, make it a point to excel every time. This is how your devotion to perfection will gain ‘mass-recognition.’

One additional step you must initiate at this stage. It involves helping your co-workers address their challenges. Your helping attitude will make you a peoples’ person while many more hands will become available to you in your time of need. Your people-skills combined with your own attention to detail will earn you the entitlement for a bigger, better, managerial role.

More you stick to the tenets of an outstanding individual, easier it will become for you to shoulder increasingly larger responsibilities. Guess what, you will cease to be a 9:00 to 5:00 worker and move on to the ranks of a highly sought-after authority figure that delivers the goods, so to say. You will be able to open the floodgates to positions of increasing responsibility.

This is how you too can forget the lemonade and make marmalade out of the lemons handed to you, day after day!

You can attain the right to lead by following the leaders in both word and spirit. Clear your doubts. Seek directions but never question their authority. Why? Because they can help you unravel many a mystery that you may have to struggle much longer to solve without their support and guidance. Allow them to challenge your thought-process with logical explanations. Show interest in their teachings and seek follow-up appointments so your progress could be measured.

Just attending personality development seminars, retreats and conferences is not likely to make a major change until and unless you exercise complete discipline. You MUST allow the teacher, the guide, the mentor to actually make periodic assessments of your journey from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and so on. Failure to do so will result in both financial loss as well as growing disillusionment from coaches and helpers. In the event you enjoy big-name events that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, please ask questions about their tracking program, if any. Unless you are guaranteed a consistent follow-up schedule, stay away!

A good speaker will make your day, a good coach will give you a high dose of commitment BUT only a ‘guide by your side’ will take you on your journey to a better you ‘hand-in-hand!’ He will not preach from the pulpit. Instead, you will find this ‘guide’ more than eager to address your questions and concerns so you could find comfort in the most challenging situations and come out unscathed.


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