Genius Is 1% Inspiration And 99% Perspiration

Thomas Alva Edison, the Master Inventor of all times gave us these fine words that are not just hard but impossible to challenge. Why, because he knew how much sweat went into his 1093 Patents in the U.S. Alone, not to talk about numerous others in the U.K., France and in Germany!

There is unimaginable number of inspirational gurus, motivational speakers and all sorts of guides, coaches, make-over experts and the like, in so many more different garbs that one finds it difficult to know how to choose between them. The fact of the matter is they all have one core principle behind their occupation which is to do good to others. However, they can only give so much encouragement, advice, coaching and/or education to their audience. It is up to us to imbibe their teaching, tread the path they show and create our own passage to the heights we wish to achieve.

In all certainty, we can keep track of our progress and make amends where needed but expecting miracles by undergoing a 3 hour lecture or even a 7-day retreat under the guidance of an internationally recognized authority will not bring any rewards for those unwilling to commit themselves to make the desired change happen.

So long as we take the acquired inspiration as the cementing glue to help us strengthen our own resolve to make a change for the better we can hope to move ahead. The success focused individuals know the importance of each and every additional ingredient that goes into constructing a sky-scraper other than just cement. To build a towering personality, you can use the cement to build a sound resolve but be prepared to put together all the other necessary ingredients as well.

Genius is built after ones crosses the threshold of eccentricity. It does not imply going crazy or mentally disturbed. Eccentricity here refers to an unshakeable faith in your vision, your commitment and dedication at the cost of all commonly accepted norms of comfortable living.

It is more than a 100% possibility that your quest for genius will demand that you get out of your comfort zone and cut your expectations of other people short. It will require of you to be totally self-reliant in pursuing your goal until you can’t take it any more. You will almost tire yourself to death before seeing rays of any fruitful results.

It is here you will find the value of inspiration in terms of a fertilizer that helped your seeds of imagination to take firm roots and sprout. That’s it and that’s all. Beyond this phase, your personal efforts at protecting the little sapling shall determine the outcome. Your sweat will be the direct contribution in various other forms e.g. giving it the right amount of nutrients, taking care of the soil conditions under different weather patterns and then ensuring proper growth of the same till it reaches maturity. Once the sapling turns into a fruit-laden tree, you will also need to ensure protection against the elements and birds plucking at it.

All said and done, acquiring genius is still not the final destination. Acquiring success to the Nth degree and then sharing the same with those less fortunate so that masses could benefit from your inspirational message would help you stay on course towards any noticeable semblance of genius.

The above is just a short glimpse into the 99% perspiration component. To get a more in-depth view and make use of the cementing power of inspiration, even voicing your own viewpoint from a different angle, please feel free to communicate with the author at your earliest convenience.

Bouquets or Brickbats, I love them all, so why wait: keep ‘em coming!

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