An Age-Old Wisdom Percolated Down Generations: “Nothing Succeeds Like Success”

SUCCESS, the all so elusive component of life that we all run after but seldom achieve! What is the basic structure of success and how you get to it while surrounded by all-pervasive limitations around us?

True success is born within us the moment we decide to succeed but it needs the soil of determination to plant and the fertilizer of a continued fight against adversity to germinate. The outcome is a bloom that puts everyone at awe wondering how you could achieve what you did!

One of the most important steps one needs to take in his or her quest for success is to shed all the imaginary limitations of own outreach capabilities and see the world through a different set of glasses. Not everyone is jealous of our growth and rise in life as against the general perception we get to form while struggling to get out of tough situations in our daily grind.

Yes, there are those that always try to prevent us from breaking out of the mold and create our own niche. Unfortunately, most of these naysayers are the ones that never dared to do it themselves and compromised with their comfort-zone, for the sake of making a living.

I am a live testament to this statement and have seen innumerable others go through the exact same rigors day in and day out, across any geographic and/or cultural boundaries. These well-wishers are not our enemies. On the contrary they truly wish well for us, only too well, that ends up imposing formidable limitations on our psyche as a whole.

While these well-wishers in the garb of doting parents, siblings, relations, friends and neighbors never tire of giving us examples of people who tried and failed, what they usually see is the limit on our worldly resources. Unfortunately, they fail to appreciate the ‘never say never again’ Will Power and an unquenchable thirst for advancement in life within us that keeps the flame burning. It is this same fuel of cumulative efforts and determination that can propel us from one goal to the next with equal ease.

YOU have the power to write your own destiny.

Invoke your spirits and get down to business NOW! You and you alone have the power to decide when you want to break free from the shackles of a churning mill that your life has become of late and start building your own path that leads to unforeseen heights both in terms of advancement as well as success. Your willingness to accept the painful cuts in life shall be the decisive factor in bringing about the perfection that everyone longs for but only a few could ever dare achieve.

THERE is time-tested proverb that I have known since my early childhood and it goes like this:

“When you laugh, the World laughs with you but when you cry, you cry alone”.

Break free of the monotony that you have to live through, day in and day out. Stop wasting time and start investing it instead. Click To Tweet Invest it in productive pursuits to learn new things, ways, techniques, methodologies, cultures, trends, products and systems. Stay a cut above the rest to survive the tumultuous tide of changes coming to hit us all, smack in the face at a heart-rending speed!

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