The Three Character Traits of Human Beings

Victim: Always full of excuses

  • Weak: Big on Knowledge and Short on Application

  • Winner: If it has to be, it is up to me! The invincible ‘Do or Die’ attitude

The Victim:

One of the easiest identifiers of this trait is an unwillingness to accept responsibility for failure. Such individuals look for someone else to blame for their shortcomings. It is always due to an external source, beyond their control that decimated their success in any field and/or project.

Lack of education, money, family support and/or opportunities often come to the fore as the glaring excuses for their failure. More often than not, they present themselves as victims of their own honesty, simplicity and/or trust in others. To add insult to injury, such individuals proclaim their satisfaction as a salute to their imaginary ‘values’ that defy any justification.

They command an exceptional convincing power that succeeds more often than it fails. However, it gets so overwhelming that it even engulfs their personal mental faculties. They immerse themselves in the same narrative they present before others defending their reasons for failure in life.

These people are more sociable than and do not mind overlooking their family needs and other priorities to meet others’ needs at their own cost. It gives them satisfaction although they fail to realize how others victimize and/or exploit them.

Overconfidence in their own capabilities and making a move without advance assessment is one of the main traits of such a ‘Victim.’ When challenged, they seek comfort in destiny and surrender without a fight.

The majority of these individuals come from the deprived and/or underprivileged section of our society. It is easy to blame the lack of education and/or the free flow of money. Will it be fair to believe everyone in that situation is a victim, not necessarily! Umpteen numbers of live examples are available where most of the successful individuals excelled out of much worse conditions. The majority of the scientists, inventors, outstanding industrialists, political leaders of global fame and other luminaries made their claim to fame after growing up in utter penury.

The Weak:

Fear of the unknown is their biggest enemy. This personality trait flourishes on a lack of self-confidence, an utter disregard for initiative and no leadership training. Weakness causes them to overlook the fact that the more they give, the more they stand to receive.

Those falling under this category are not strugglers in terms of money and/or qualifications. Access to every possible comfort and convenience is within the reach of such individuals. What they lack most is the willingness to act. Their biggest fear relates to the outcome even before they take their first step.

They focus on the negative side of a project instead of the positive and that creates weakness. Given any task, they first try to find possible weaknesses that could compromise the plan. They have not much of a faith in TEAM Building and/or TEAM Spirit. To them, success is a personal achievement but failure blamed upon the team. If the plan succeeds due to the joint efforts of everyone involved, they expect a pat on their own back first. To share the glory with others is not one of their strongest personality traits.

Responsibility for them is a bigger burden than an opportunity. They avoid taking bold decisions. The fear of failure keeps them from being proactive. The resulting lack of leadership prevents building cohesive teams of decision-takers and executors. They might make a few hits or score a few wins by default due to their existing/inherited market dominance. Their wavering/indecisive nature gives resonates with a rudderless ship caught in a storm.

The Winner:

Winners live by a simple ‘mantra’: “If It Has To Be, It Is Up to Me.” Their ‘do or die’ resoluteness turns defeat into victory due to their determination, planning and execution skills that defy logic. The winner looks for an opportunity in every adversity. Those able to use available resources in a systematic fashion and using due diligence to stay away from pitfalls will never surrender to challenges. Instead, they will dissect the same, analyze the pros and cons, look deep into earlier failures and find the reasons so the same fate never befalls again.

The winners gain strength from experience. They learn from both their own as well as others’ mistakes. Why, because know they will not live long enough to make every possible mistake themselves. It helps them draft more aggressive and intelligent course of action that eliminates many more negatives/pitfalls/barriers, etc. They develop an innate capacity to see farther than others because of their inquisitiveness supplemented by sharp analytical powers. The value hidden in their experiences supports such vision and consistency over the long term.

The winners take pride in assisting others because they appreciate expanding their own horizons. They are proud to share their own success with others less fortunate. It gives them an opportunity to understand other people’s mindset, challenges, failures and hidden reasons behind the same.

By offering guidance and/or help, they are inviting others to share their hardships and challenges in an uninhibited fashion. Such a noble initiative opens so many more windows to hidden opportunities, challenges, pitfalls, and failures. One of the most important advantages the winners gain out of such an exercise is to better prepare against adversity. They gain the strength to stand tall in the face of adversity and score a victory where most others surrender.

It is my firm belief the discerning readers can gain few pointers out of this submission. It is not conclusive and needs to highlight options to make a positive change. Accordingly, I promise to elaborate more on the above three traits in a future post

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