Change is a precondition of living; what does not, decays and subsequently dies. Innovation replaces the conventional with the contemporary to encourage performance. It offers newer, more advanced instruments and techniques. ‘Management revamping’ is the label assigned to the transfer of guard in the Board Room when the original Directors retire to offer accommodation for fresher, younger blood to conduct the business and bring it forward.

Ever since this Universe came into being, view up above has only revealed the deep blue sky. Technology introduced airplanes while nature only permitted us a few birds soaring above us. This situation might catch a significant change soon thanks to advanced technology. Powered by our growing quest to invent fresh instruments to satisfy our desires, drones offer a perfect swath of advantages. It throws open the fictional ‘Pandora’s Box.’

We hear a lot about flying cars. Many competitors exist in this sphere with their own contraptions that may take a long while to realize as a thriving business enterprise. In the meanwhile, the military technology of reconnaissance and warfare has taken roots into the civilian life in a tremendous shape. Their often-maligned unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) eliminated large numbers of terrorists and suspects. Now the corresponding principles, in a different ‘avatar’ are entering the non-military field to provide speed, convenience, and life-saving options.

Any new product or technological advance offers two perceptions, either positive or negative. The corresponding parties present their individual interpretations of pros and cons related to the adoption of drones in the public realm. On the one hand, we notice and interpret the huge advances in terms of rapid transportation of vital supplies, even life-saving medicines in outlying regions. On the opposite, we have the question of privacy, safety, and security considerations. An analytical balance needs to appear before the further adoption of drones in the commonplace world.

What started out as the UAV has developed into a much smaller version we term the ‘drone’. No wonder businesses and service providers alike remain in the passionate race to shape this machinery to their individual order of cutting-edge solutions. UPS sees the magnificent power in drone delivery of parcels to remote destinations. They look at the promise of saving time, fleet cost, drivers’ wages and overtime, fuel, and the environment, to the tune of millions of dollars per year. Soon it becomes acceptable as a prudent vehicle, every carrier and/or mail service across the planet will secure the advantages of drones.

Drones offer the fastest passage of life-saving drugs, equipment, and/or transplant-ready body parts collected from donors involved in catastrophic casualties. Lives lost today because of logistics challenges would not become victim anymore since chances of transplant operations will go up.

Amazon wants to provide 3-hour delivery of customers’ orders across the length and breadth of the Continental United States of America. They experimented with their Prime Air delivery option in major centers such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. It delivers packages weighing up to 5 pounds while UPS is practicing with increasing the capacity @ 10 pounds. Google’s ‘Project Wing’ study has delivered burritos to test subjects. Domino’s pizza experimented with drone delivery in the United Kingdom almost 3 years ago. It shall surprise us to see drone delivery of groceries by our chosen supermarket over the subsequent three or four years. The single serious impediment is the necessary sanction of FAA and other relevant authorities.

Police and law enforcement agencies see an invincible partner in drones. It allows effective surveillance and espionage tool. They can likewise use drones to pursue suspected and/or wanted fugitives. Maintaining social harmony by aerial photography of social functions to notice and prevent possible hazards to big audiences is a priceless asset beyond any financial value. They can build resistance this way and free more human capabilities for emergencies.

Photographers keep showing up with new uses of drone technology to serve realtors, developers, investors, and prospectors alike. Several companies offer farm management mechanisms with the help of custom-designed drones. These are effective in quicker and cheaper crop spraying instead of operating small aircraft the usual way. Yamaha Motor Company has been providing such benefits in Japan for over two decades. Their RMAX drones have created a business in states such as Australia and abroad.

Drones equipped with temperature sensing cameras have been an effective medium in the palms of dedicated archaeologists in quest of buried civilizations across countries. Humanitarian efforts of philanthropies the likes of ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ have observed a familiar partner in MIT and in the Silicon Valley. Such organizations are trying several channels for rapid distribution of pharmaceutical stores to remote regions.

It is not only Feds but foreign countries such as India also have adopted drone technology to control evil, bad elements while maintaining an eye on their neighbors. FBI Director Robert Muller is on record admitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the agency deploys drones for surveillance.

If it were not for the drones, Osama Bin-Laden would still walk free, creating chaos for the ignorant non-Muslims across the globe. The utter turmoil will still go on in Afghanistan and ISIS would continue expanding.

The territory available to investigate and develop is beyond imagination at this stage because the applications vary per call for efficiency, reliability, and cost. Governments are busy with their individual due diligence of the contrary forces. They want to investigate plausible risk to aircraft, mass attacks through chemical spray on an unsuspecting public, mid-air collisions, forced interception of goods-carrying drones, illegal photography of individuals and families within the confines of their private homes’ front and backyards.

We shall prepare to observe pros’ win over the cons. So, get ready to take a solo flight in a drone up to a distance of 50 kilometers that starts trials in Dubai this summer!

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