“The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never!”

–Yiddish Proverb

As mentioned in the preceding maxim, the animal gives us various overtones. It draws the wagon for the operator to have the reward. It may easily serve as the constant readiness to travel great lengths faster than walking all the way. No wonder the hauling ability of different motors is determined in units of horsepower!

The horse also conveys the compulsion to accept directions without a fuss. Unquestionable use of his power to deal with the operator’s command is the vital reason when training an animal. Once ready the animal swings into action with a screen on his eyes so the mind controls his progress with no possibility of looking either right or left. There is an explicit expression in the French vocabulary: ‘comme le cheval’ (Like a horse, with a single-track vision) that pokes fun at this attitude in individuals.

Looking at the foregoing situation, we come upon three basic factors in any work and/or undertaking. Authority, leader, decision maker, or the officer performs the most critical function. This is where action/activity and/or performance are under the evaluation of right or wrong, pass or fail. He/she determines various responsibilities in their degree of precedence before the selection of the most impressive side to finish the assignment. The real leader does not micromanage as the carriage operator because he/she can distinguish between individual and animal impulses.

Working with or under an efficient administrator is more valuable than minor financial benefit in promoting micro-managers. In the event you work under such conditions, you are no better off than the horse without his vision.

Such actions are contributory to neither consistency nor capacity. It calls out for a determination on your part. Gather the strength to proclaim autonomy and show your strength without continuous surveillance. You must cast away the shield from your sights and look for opportunities where your individual talents will meet with recognition.

Create your individual character on the intensity of your talents and dexterity; Let your faculties compose the melody in concert!

The second element of the equation is the channel, the wagon, the sleigh or the means of delivery viz. your abilities. You must carry out the task to the pleasure of the administration. Due to the shield concealing his view, the horse can neither decide nor plan his course of travel. He never turns to rest whether winter or summer because he surrendered command of his abilities. The wretched creature turns into a captive to the caprices and vagaries of his selfish master. Without power over his senses, his imagination, indeed his individual view, the victim is under stress. Although the mechanism of transportation keeps shifting as by season, the arduous labor must go on. Can you see parallels between this condition and your very own? If you do, my dear friend, time to carry out a change and search for another opportunity to win back your freedom!

Last, but not the least, is the performer, the bricklayer, the character that provides a concrete form to the coveted intent of the boss. That last part of the riddle is your personality, your readiness to serve on the design, with or without others’ support and to bring it to realization. You need to be aware of your position in the picture and work in concert with different members. The greatest influence in your support is that you can claim the right to practice caution so long as it leads to none of the adverse effects.

Your personal comfort level together with self-respect can help you maintain your rightful place in the organization. Depending upon your knowledge and significance to the business, you can always cover yourself against unreasonable workload and/or obligations. Learning to say no, for the sake of your family responsibilities is an excellent beginning in this regard.

Recognition will only come after you shed the mask. Such bold action will bring even the most passionate adversaries into your camp within no time. Most workers fail to take action when required and come under stress as a result. The only way out is to know when to make the call. Respect your employer, your duties, and your obligations, but stick to your self-respect at any price. Failure will only equate you with the restless animal that must keep working, no matter what.

As a modern, result-oriented, successful human being, you must realize where to draw the boundary. Do not blend your personal character into that of the horse that bears the burden through thick and thin to secure his own square meal and nothing else. Notice the carriage take its time away for winter and the sleigh sitting idle for want of snow. Your winter is over-work and the lack of snow is the missing respect that creates an extra heavy load of extended office hours with little recognition and/or reward!

Who knows you might even enjoy it?


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