Today vs. Tomorrow

Today’ is a Soon-to-be empty Wallet While ‘Tomorrow’ is the Blank Check of High Expectations. Think Before You Cash This Check; What You Write On It Depends On How Much You Put Into It!

If only we knew the worth of tomorrow, our life will be much more streamlined and productive towards a brighter future. The precious moments, the days, weeks, months and years we spent are not coming back in our hands because they are gone. Still, the hopes of a better tomorrow are alive and ticking. With each passing moment, the wallet of today keeps emptying. Time spent equals money gone! We can thus count on what is still there, right? That important asset is our tomorrow since we had no means to spend it in advance. Hence, I call it the ‘blank check’. We have no idea what it has in store for us, what returns it can give us and how it could change our lives.

With above picture in view, we need to deposit the highest grossing wealth into our account. We are well aware no bank gives money without enough deposits and/or guarantee. What makes you think the bank of life will give joy, happiness, and comfort unless you have made the required deposits in advance?

Lifelong savings of learning, deeds, and giving will decide your available balance and not the money earned by any means, fair or unfair. The blank checks for money are payable by banks; the blank check of ‘tomorrow’ is payable by You Inc to you and your loved ones! It gives you innumerable moments of peace, millions of minutes of satisfaction, never-ending hours and days, weeks, months and years of happiness. In addition, it offers, love, togetherness, caring, blessings, grace and a lifetime of success as accrued interest!

To earn peace, you must let others live in peace.

To earn peace, you must let others live in peace. More you give, the more you will save in this account! The innumerable minutes of satisfaction come from each breath, over a lifetime. ‘Happiness begets happiness’ and getting love in return is only possible once you make it your mission to spread the unconditional love far and wide.

Caring comes as an offshoot of care we shower upon others. The ones that share our joys and sorrows while feeling our pain to help lighten a load of hardships give us the much-needed TLC, the tender, loving care!

To earn His Blessings and Grace, we must love, respect and care for His subjects, those less fortunate, disabled or deprived of basic conveniences such as food, shelter, clothing and education. Use your skills and talents for the common good, expecting nothing in return and your kind act will be helpful in covering your ‘blank check.’

For a lifetime of success, help other aspirants proceed on that same path. Helping others excel at what they do well will empower you to gather a few added skills and add to your own talents beyond imagination. Another important and yet under-appreciated benefit of such a noble act lies in building a supportive community of individuals striving for similar, noble goals.

Who Knows Your Continued Contribution Could Buy You the Entire Bank of a Like-minded Community?

So long as you do not run away from your social responsibility to treat fellow brethren as equals, continued hope of a massive return shall flourish. Moving from a natural leaning towards wealthy and powerful connections where influence creates opportunities, let us turn the tide starting today. It will help us enrich our tomorrow. You need to get out of your comfort zone and create opportunities for the ones less privileged. Treat them the same irrespective of their finances, education, and lifestyle and you will collect Peace.

Satisfaction implies living within means. The moment you felt jealous about others’ possessions, your own downfall takes roots. To starve the monster of greed and jealousy, focus on growth initiatives is necessary. A keen sense of continued improvement brings us closer to higher living standards. The lasting return on such efforts comes back to us as perpetual happiness.

Our honest, sincere, and committed principles bring us closer to divinity and that converts to His Grace and Blessings in the activities we pursue. Once you have His Grace, everything else is secondary. However, continued joy demands dedication to the cause and an untiring commitment. Soon you have the recipe ready and applied in your life, love, togetherness and caring of the family and friends is a natural given.

With the above balance sheet in mind, build your balance so the ‘Blank Check’ can give you the highest possible returns!

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