Strange are the ways of the world: saddle the newborn with responsibility the moment he or she is born! Some believe the process begins while the baby is in the mother’s womb. The mother anxiously awaits the exhilarating experience she will shortly be enjoying. The father looks ahead to establishing his own family. Rest all the near and dear ones rejoice in their very own style and wait for the time when the baby enters this world.

You might be questioning what insane mind would impose responsibility on a just-born child. Take a closer look and see; is it not a fact that each movement of the infant brings cheer to the whole family? The infant’s cries cause concern and smiles bring cheer on everyone’s face! The parents start preparations for the school, the college, future career, and every other aspect as he/she gets the responsibility to grow up as an immensely respected Gentleman or Woman.

The family wishes this little bundle of joy to receive all the treasures of the world and every possible authority. No parents ever want their offspring to grow into a derelict, a worthless liability.

At every step of advancement, this child learns how to conduct himself/herself. His/her responsibilities include passing out with flying-colors. Failure in class brings admonition because of the child’s irresponsible conduct, nothing else. Paying attention to studies and behaving well in all surroundings was one of the responsibilities if my memory serves me right!

Before we realize, the time comes to earn money. Starting a business or to enter an already running family business is one of the options a few lucky ones avail of, without much pain and competition. Others have to compete for the job and prove their responsible disposition before the employer to land the job.

Once again, the meritorious students with higher levels of education earn better paying and more responsible jobs but those in the mediocre range rest content with whatever comes their way. Depending on the position, you must accept applicable rules, regulations, and responsibilities before taking on any authority.

Even if you were one of the fortunate ones, born with a golden ladle in your mouth, no one in his/her sane mind would give you any authority without a ton of responsibilities. Let us consider an example of an enterprising individual that runs a one-man show making handicrafts to sell to tourists.

Responsibility towards the prospective clients remains the determining factor whether they select or reject the wares offered. He/she must make sure your product is presentable, priced right and justifies value in the eyes of the prospective customer. Lack of responsibility means disaster.

Let us examine a different scenario where you were born in a super-rich family. You attended the finest university and obtained the highest possible education to get the coveted position of C.E.O. in a multi-national corporation. You can very well argue that all the trouble you underwent this far has now given you immeasurable authority.

Let us not forget, closing your eyes to the inherent responsibilities will destroy the business within no time. Those directly under your charge will be the first ones to jump the gun when they fail to elicit much-deserved respect. Your management team is there to help you, guide you, and to protect you in times of challenging situations. Your lack of responsible conduct is not likely to support you for very long.

Your position as the figurehead is akin to that of the Captain of a ship. The officers, as well as the lower ranks, look up to you for guidance but you must remember that they are the Executors, not you. You may be the captain of the ship but the sailors do most of the hard work. Their job profile includes maintenance, charting, and maintaining the course, navigation, communication, inventory, and supplies management as well as the night vigil on the deck while you snore in your luxury cabin.

Comparing the above scenario to the general household, you might proclaim your authority as the head of the family. Pause and check the list of family demands and needs that you must meet on a regular basis. Under the overpowering burden of responsibility, your authority will be a silent spectator, nothing else!

Oh, you are an ordinary fellow with a wide circle of friends that give you utmost respect because you are the most intelligent! Guess what; even there you hold much less authority and a lot more responsibility. The day you refused to adjust with your friends, whether helping someone move or assist another one of them with a small bridge loan to tide over a financial crisis, you will see your authority evaporate same as early morning fog that dissipates with the first rays of the sun.

A simple change can earn you and your loved ones much more joy. You must realize the importance of responsibilities before basking in the blinding glare of authority.

Know the Difference See the Light, Act with Courage!

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