“Time is a Dressmaker, Specializing in Alterations”

Faith Baldwin, (1893—1978), U.S. Author of over 100 Romance and Fiction Novels gave us the title quote.

Time has gained the moniker of the most celebrated healer. It equips us to get back from life’s twists and turns in a steady, incremental manner. To handle difficult circumstances in life we need persistence and perseverance. Time plays a vital part in the formation of both these capacities.

History has been an eyewitness to an extraordinary record of events, accidents, disturbances, conflicts, and droughts. Natural calamities, diseases, outbreaks, and pandemics brought great despair. Willful acts of vengeance, violence, distresses, accidents, acts of terrorism and political upheavals continue to take their toll.

Monetary crisis and other deep-rooted setbacks have altered the general attitude of the masses. Instead of planning long-term, people shifted their focus to short-term for fear of the unknown. The majority of those events and so-called 'acts of God' gave us severe scars. Social ‘willpower’ and unconditional commitment to survive-and-thrive prevailed.

We can look back at what we went through or bring to mind the obscure via multiple information channels. It helps us gather strength by understanding why others did not quit. What we experienced and yet survived helps us admire in awe if we had that much resilience built into our cultural framework.

In most instances, it was not up to one human being alone to conquer the whole range of crisis. Many unknown and unsolicited hands provided the energy while so many better minds helped improve the unconquerable resolve to carry on the struggle and be victorious.

Instance after instance, blow after blow, calamities following close on the heels of each other have resulted in a new beginning. The society has united across geographic, linguistic, and economic boundaries to stand by and comfort the disadvantaged. The external texture no matter how damaged continues to protect the original spirit through such aid, support, and sustenance of the unknown and the selfless, accommodating people.

Time plays the most influential part in encouraging us to reconstruct the emotional fabric. It helps us take care of the intellectual, psychical, and the emotional wounds at the same instant. Although the destruction of life leaves an immense void, time makes us create a platform where individuals perform their roles.

Let us go after a keen peek at disturbances in personal circumstances where an abrupt transition or conditions disturbed the whole lifestyle within moments. It could be a loss of employment or unexpected business disputes, unintentional wrong action or plain ignorance in over-estimating our abilities to deal with anything beyond our resources.

No matter how you passed through it, negativism can present significant difficulties. Power rests in discovering methods and means to conquer an obstacle. In case no simple resolution is in sight, we must bring together our abilities in a tension-free manner to give birth to the most workable plan. We need to avoid the painful consequences without more suffering. Patience supplies the ammunition for sustained growth.

Patience may stand for many factors to many individuals in distinct fields of study. The issue refers to its ability to provide significant assistance by itself. It is difficult to observe patience win over difficulties without the vital support of time.

Taking into consideration the above-cited references, is it reasonable to assume ‘time’ plays one of the most significant healing roles in our lives? I believe it should strike note as an objective appraisal. We must recognize the ‘alteration’ aspect of time in our lifetimes.

We need not go far to see countless examples of the surreal beauty produced by this supreme genius. Take into account human resilience at work. Let us examine the countries beset with the vagaries of war or crude terrorism, and how so many communities across the globe faced natural calamities. We can then realize how time carried them over the rim from desperation to a renewed courage for success.

Look at families jolted by unexpected accidents where loved ones left their families in the gloom to fend for themselves and mourn in continuity. They have discovered how to take advantage of their misery as a catalytic agent for advancement and gratification of ideas they passed on. ‘Time’ comes to their rescue as a powerful healer, par excellence!

The enormous natural resources we have become so accustomed to, in our everyday lives, echo the skillful design of the very ‘dressmaker’ that transformed the composition of this land. ‘Time’ helped produce the fossil fuels, metals, minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, the environment, the seasons, the fresh produce we cannot live without, and so much more. Can you disagree with the universal truth how time helps an insignificant seed sown in the soil rise to an enormous fruit-bearing tree? I doubt it.

Can you think of a day, an hour, even a moment in your life where this master-craftsman, the mighty, skillful ‘dressmaker,’ does not leave its mark on our lives day in and day out 24/7/365?

I remain confident the sagacious readers will bring to mind many better instances of remarkable beauty linked to the layers of their very own lives. They will recognize where ‘time’ has ‘transformed’ things in pleasant manners and helped overcome negativity with its personal healing touch.


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