Make An Appointment With Disappointment Before It Comes Knocking Unannounced!

Disappointments, Failures, Obstacles, Challenges, Disruptions, Hurdles and other such unforeseen difficulties are enemies of any business as well as a career pursuit. Even individuals sure of their plans and preparations come face-to-face with one or more of the above situational pitfalls at times. The resulting outcome is often more disastrous than obvious. It could force an individual to take extreme steps, shake an industry from its roots or wipe out a well-established business within a short period. Often times, it takes more than money to rebuild and still no guarantees of sustained growth. Given the above scenario, your natural, instinctive approach will be to stay away from any or all of the above possible situations as much as possible. You would rather focus on the good side of the business than even consider thinking of negatives. You might be very proud of your invincible knowledge of the market trends. You might even be the single biggest player yourself. A regulatory legislation gains approval and more than half of your business starts to crumble. There could be any number of reasons for such a drastic situation ranging from vendor support or adverse market dynamics. Has it ever happened to you or to someone you know? If not, do not make the mistake of even toying with the idea it can never happen. Many of us have a habit of looking at future with the gauge of past performance. Nothing can be worse than this yardstick of judging robustness or health of your enterprise. Dynamic changes are happening across the board. In most cases, they happen too fast to predict from a safe distance. By the time you realize what strange forces have created unbearable pressure on your industry, it would be too late to seek protection. There could be the added burden of your extreme exposure to danger, beyond the reasonable chance of recovery. Innumerable disruptive technologies and automation systems are taking over every industry. Predictive and Preventive Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Drones are the major players in this revolution. ‘Internet of Things,’ Cloud Storage and Edge Computing, have also brought their own dangers to the table. Security has raised its head as one of the most important concerns for all. It is not security as in the traditional lock-and-key system but the security of information or valuable data. Computerization has opened up innumerable avenues of advancement no doubt. At the same time, it has also increased our reliance on systems, processes, and other factors we could hardly imagine10 years ago. The invention of the smart phone gave a major boost to the Internet by opening up borderless communication through Social Media. It also helped generate multiple advertising and marketing avenues for businesses and individuals alike. Let us remember the above backdrop to visualize where things can go wrong and leave us disappointed. How can we escape this conundrum if at all? There is a way, one strong, effective way, and that is reverse engineering. How do we do that? Again, very simple answer leads us to the age-old wisdom: ‘catch the bull by the horns.’ In order to avoid disappointment, more than nine times out of ten, we must institute preventive systems in place. Do a regular check of strengths and weaknesses. Invite outside auditors/experts to do a critical analysis of both management and machinery for prompt modifications. Making an appointment with disappointment is akin to visualizing a ‘crash’ scenario in Real Time. It helps us gauge our disaster preparedness. Giving a surprise run to disappointment before it knocks on our doors will help us throw it out of our life. Faster we undertake such an exercise, farther away would we push ‘disappointment.’ Disappointment in personal life can be rooted out much the same way. The only difference is a method. One tried and tested example that I have seen work in hundreds of individual cases without a hitch goes like this: Please take note: The following experiment is from my own life and the hundreds I just mentioned in the last sentence are the individuals that refused to believe me. They preferred to reinvent the wheel and still came back with the exact same round shape. Alas, they could not do it any other way: READER BEWARE: I DO NOT OFFER ANY GUARANTEE OF ITS SUCCESS OR UTTER FAILURE. THE FOLLOWING TRIAL IS NEITHER AN EXPERT ADVICE CREATING ANY IMPLIED CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US, NOR AN INDUCEMENT IN EITHER LETTER OR SPIRIT FOR ANYONE TO FOLLOW. DOING SO MAY CREATE UNANTICIPATED RESULTS THAT WILL BE ENTIRELY YOUR OWN RISK & RESPONSIBILITY UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES: Scene I: Invite 10 friends to a Bar-B-Cue party and get ready to receive 11, 12 or even more. It often happens. One of the invited guests would feel privileged enough to bring another individual along for the sake of introducing him/her to you. It is an assumed matter of right for this guest to extend the invitation due to the close relationship between the two of you. Do you agree? What if you did not, the guest has already arrived so you might as well welcome him/her? Scene II: The following day, call each one of those 10 friends and feign a sudden emergency. Present a heart-rending story and ask for a temporary loan of a couple of thousand dollars for a few months. Tell them your Credit Cards stand maxed out and sudden arrangement of funds is a do or die situation. Get ready for the disappointment with a Capital ‘D.’ The same close friend/s that could extend your invitation to others without your permission will come up with more ingenious excuses than you could ever imagine in your entire life. The only sage advice: Use Caution Always, Everywhere, from Personal Relationships to Business Decisions, from Legal to Social Engagements, from Professional to Cultural environments and Most Important of All: Dealing With Strangers! Thank You!

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