“The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away!” Anonymous

Nobody can deny the fact that we have been learning since birth. Every action, whether intentional or unintentional, has either sprouted out of learning or resulted in teaching us something we did not know.

Our deep-rooted quest to learn has prevailed through every breath, every action, inaction, circumstance and the random twist of fate. Sometimes we learn alone and at others, in a group setting.

We also acknowledge that learning has nothing to do with age, color, caste, or culture. As responsible, sensible, and progressive human beings, we make every effort to learn useful things. Our intent to improve our own lives and that of those dependent upon us help keep us on track.

On the other hand, we also have the devil playing its own vicious game to destroy order and create chaos. Such evil intent attracts the incapable, hopeless individuals that never learned the value of attained success.

These anti-social elements believe in snatching what belongs to others, and when they face resistance, their next weapon is violence, just ruthless violence that does not care for the innocent.

It is not at all surprising that these elements have also found a lot of their ilk in clusters of anti-social preachers and hate-mongers. Their blackmail tactics keep them financially secure to wreak mayhem at will. No wonder the disgruntled find escape in joining these forces of evil and take those unsubstantiated sermons as the word of the Gospel, no matter how badly manipulated.

The ensuing indoctrination of these easily gullible, misguided individuals

prompts them to act in a heinous fashion to create terror. With each act of terror, they get encouraged even more and plan for a bigger one next time.

These misguided individuals have formed groups fomenting trouble for no rhyme or reason. A vast majority of them have never seen success in life, and that motivates them to indulge in such devious acts to take out their anger.

Yes, there have been instances of bright young minds following such evil doctrines of cowardice, for example, the 9/11 hijackers that enjoyed respectable academic credentials. It is unfortunate they fell for the same ruse. They took training in flying planes only to misuse it to the nth degree and indulged in one of the worst mass massacres.

Those losers gave a third dimension to the coin of humanity by destroying life without learning anything constructive from it and sharing the good things for universal growth.

Under the given circumstances, it is not just hard but almost impossible to put a plug on this menace. To choke them in their hideaways, we need to put a complete stop on their expanding network. We need to stop the gullible from being getting deeply frustrated.

It is of paramount importance that we ignite a new spark of hope, acceptance, and assimilation in society without further delay. Perhaps, our only hope lies in plugging the terrible side of humanity where intentional acts of terror are unleashing a wave of the mass massacre on those that never hurt anyone.

Coming back to the two sides of learning and sharing, let us discuss ways and means to share the lessons we learn. Starting from home, and immediate family as our teacher and guide, we went to school and learned different subjects.

Further pursuit of education and then vocational learning empowered us to earn a living. Continued training gives us the much-needed career boost while other specific learning segments teach us how to plan for the future and save money for unforeseen eventualities.

Proper money management shows us the ins and outs of keeping ahead of the raging inflation.

In this quest to learn as much and as fast as reasonably possible, to attain, or even exceed our own goals, we may have unintentionally separated from the other side, i.e., sharing the knowledge gained.

You could proclaim your status as a lifelong teacher, professor, preacher, public speaker, even a leader, or a saint. At the heart of those endeavors lived the undying urge to make enough money to protect and preserve your future and that of your loved ones.

Now we have the three sides of the same coin distinguishable in a more explicit fashion: the urge to learn, the evil intent to destroy and the forgotten keenness to share knowledge selflessly. It is up to us and no one else whether we want to join the two functional parts back together again.

Only our concerted action can destroy the unwanted third equation that is eating away into humanity in the form of an uncontrollable pest. It is not the politicians alone that can protect us from this scourge of hatred for order and peace instead

we need to offer our own unconditional, active support at every turn.

We need not arm ourselves to act the way vigilantes do. There is no need to knock on doors to pull out anyone of ethnicity we wrongly diagnose as the culprit. We need not try to counter hate with more hate. Instead, we need to form community groups and societies where we could invite those under the cloud as possible hate-mongers.

Let us show them our support. Let us all make a concerted effort to bring these supposedly disgruntled individuals into the mainstream so that they may experience our warmth and comfort against rising hatred at every step.

Allow them to immerse in the culture of Liberty, Peace, and Equality in both letter and spirit. Let them experience first-hand the strengthening bonds of protection for their oncoming generations.

Let us share our cherished values more openly by eliminating racism, ethnic branding, discrimination, and hatred. Bring the so-called suspect families into our own and let their young ones experience the unconditional love of pervasive equality.

Let the oncoming generations realize that every human is born the same way, with no control over geographic location, parents, religion, or language. Our Maker did not intend to create distinction among us. He marked no boundaries. We have received His Grace beyond any imaginable limits, and yet we allow ourselves to think narrow.

Our culture driven by the industrial boom, to the levels of an economic powerhouse, encourages racial profiling. It needs to end before destroying the entire fabric of humanity. We cannot allow it to make each one of us a devil incarnate, out for revenge, with no rhyme or reason!

Let us make the renewed union of the two inseparable parts of the same coin win.

We must squeeze out the unwanted third side, that of hatred, disorder, and chaos fueled by those that never get in the harm’s way themselves.

It is our job to make the gullible educated enough to realize they are playing as pawns in the hands of the devious with no justification for their hate and cowardice. It is up to them to refuse any indoctrination efforts and report the same to authorities at the earliest. The resistance has to come from their followers.

Our biggest challenge is to create an awakening within their prospects to get away from this path of the devil. They must realize the facts and follow the path of righteousness if they ever want to get to the Real Heaven in one piece by dying in peace and not as shredded bodies.

Let us find our God-given Gift of equality and give it away in abundance by treating everyone as an equal human being since God created us in His image!


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