“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

The eternal wisdom wrapped in the foregoing statement from the missionary of humanitarian aid invokes our soul to adapt goodness. The statement illustrates the spiritual strength concealed within each individual. There is no need to look up to someone intelligent to set how we may grow great or create a memorable impact on the disadvantaged.

The message I learned from such pearls of wisdom expands my horizon beyond the immediate and carries me into the domain of public welfare. It forces me to see the extraordinary in terms of our vast reservoir of concealed power within each human being. If each one of us did one kind, generous action of serving someone in need each day, we might encourage others to follow suit. The resulting domino effect can transform into an uprising and help end poverty altogether.

There exist examples involving the noble hearts that contributed beyond the average in making this world a more desirable community. They educated us by walking the walk while talking the talk at the same time. A few of them gave away their fortunes in the name of generosity so they could afford a cheer on the faces of the impoverished children.

Hundreds of thousands of experts toiled to discover remedies for so-called incurable illnesses. Next spring to mind those dedicated soldiers that gave their lives in the service of their homeland. It is not difficult to point to so many wonderful people that experienced terrible miseries and dangers to deliver aid to others. They offered us impact-full discoveries, designs, and/or formulations. Their views, discourses, management techniques, and humanitarian help to the ordinary leave a permanent mark on the firmament.

It sounds easy to challenge anyone what exceptional abilities he or she enjoys that make him/her special. Before we go on, let us examine ourselves what we have accomplished to produce an extraordinary advance in the life of just one additional human being. If only we answered this question with our head held high, we can feel comfortable enough to urge others to follow suit.

For experiencing greatness firsthand, possibilities are around us 24/7/365. We want to keep our eyes and ears open. So long as we aim to help, aid, and/or serve someone in immediate need, we stay prepared to apply this virtue in a proper way. There is no obligation for media presence when we carry out an act of kindness. To seek any limelight on our charitable acts dilutes the intrinsic value. It transforms into the one for profit. By drawing attention, we show our kindness in the perceptions of the public and that amounts to self-gratification. In simple terms, we are putting up a hypocritical appearance and performing a disservice by concealing our selfish motive in the guise of philanthropy.

Daily application of humanitarian behavior will drive us towards glory. Who gives a damn if we get no attention or even recognition? Do we mind if our immediate neighbors refuse to comment on our kindness? I do not care because the feelings behind the act demand no pleasure. To seek approval or expecting rewards for our acts of kindness is a bigger evil than being selfish.

When we revel in greed, we are not wearing a mask of charity to make fool of others. There is no anxiety of blowing our cover. We may proclaim we carried out the specific act because of the profit involved. This way, no one either maligns or disrespects us.

A small change in our views, a very small modification in deeds, and a genuine affirmation of the give-and-take formula paves the way towards magnanimity. The absence of credit does not have the strength to prevent us from feeling comfortable within because we have discovered the path to feed our spirit, not just the belly!

To become great, we must act great! Failure to do so will lead to loss of self-respect, self-denial, and ultimate submission to destiny.

Let us keep the foregoing in mind and promise to master any or all restraints. We need to gather the courage to open both our eyes and the mind towards those in need and set out upon the road to Universal Goodness. Greatness will linger around the corner, with its arms wide open to embrace the righteous!

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