“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery; Today is a Gift & that is why we call it the Present.” Eleanor Roosevelt

We carry images of days gone by, the times we rejoiced, the moments we suffered the short interruptions of desperation, doubt, and difference of opinion with others. People, in general, appreciate the moments of fun with their loved ones, the parties, the functions, the festivities, and the boundless bliss of the affection, love, care, and hope.

A vast majority of us struck the junction where selecting a career gained precedence over other elements in our life. Guidance from our elders together with the knowledge obtainable through acquaintances, relations, and well-wishers provided several alternatives. Depending upon our selection, we had to go through several problems and challenges. Our best efforts helped earn few rewards along the way while the larger picture remained obscure.

So, what went astray?

Let us explore the ‘gift’ that the ‘present’ day has given us in its infinite majesty. It is entirely up to us to let it go waste or seize the opportunity for a deep reflection within. This time could help us connect the dots from our life experience. Such an examination may help identify the cracks, the holes, the hits, and misses. Such an exercise will lead to a renewed glance at the soft spots that prevented us from gaining full benefits of our labors.

Connecting those unconnected dots from the old times carries the power to highlight our strengths and weaknesses so we may work on the same. It helps us decide on a precise review of our present assets so we may estimate how much ahead we need to go in the pursuit of our goal. It shall feed our energies to solicit needed support in our journey.

A combined evaluation of ‘history’ (yesterday) and the ‘gift’ (today) that this day brings can strengthen our innermost capacities to touch the stars. It will help us stand tall, hit the majority of the targets, and attain happiness, relaxation, and contentment in life. Let age not turn into an obstacle to a more productive tomorrow.

The ‘mystery’ we keep trying to solve depends upon our individual abilities in a much bigger way than we are ready and willing to admit. The strength of the fabric lies in the pattern of the weave we chose. If we maintained a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, we can expect to see more uncertainty. Those that paid adequate respect to the warp and woof and made sure of its stability with each ‘spindle’ (steps in the right direction) have a more favorable chance of peace and prosperity.

Considering the foregoing considerations, I call upon the discriminating readers to take advantage of the moment and seize the beast by its teeth before it runs amuck. Invest a few minutes in your future today. Put to the test every effort to identify various decisive moments from the years gone by. Recollect the turning points where your decision took you on a distinct path than the one you had intended. Judge for yourself the divergence between the two from today’s vantage position and decide if that offered better sense than where you are now.

More often than not, you will discover the hearsay testimony to be not that great to impose a career change upon you. It is never too late to take corrective measures where needed. Your sincere efforts can help big time in going still further than the earlier path could have made possible. If not, the report you so prepared can sharpen your skills.

You have the power to act with the efficiency of a laser in advancing your career beyond the norm. Wake up and find at your disposal an entire gamut of skills, experience, setbacks, turning points, support systems, available resources, guidance, and directions. The updated inventory will empower you with a powerful determination to conquer the challenges and propel you faster where glory lies in wait, with its arms wide open!

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