Democracy on the Butcher's Block!

One of the most unexpected outcomes of the recent elections in the greatest country on earth is neither a Winner nor a Loser. In clear terms, the only outcome beyond all expectations is a ruthless, willful murder of democracy. If you happen to be an alien, visiting us from another planet, you have every right to watch the protests and wonder whether you should have sympathy towards the protesters or not.

The expectations fueled by the lopsided media and press barons created a guarantee in voters’ mind that their favorite candidate was slated to register a landslide win over the other, irrespective whether they voted or not. The end result was a widespread complacency. Most voters took the daily news briefings and political round-tables as the verdict even before the polling booths opened for eligible voters to exercise their legal right to vote.

There was all-too-rampant brow-beating of the non-politician candidate. His biggest fault was that he gathered the courage to stand up for a change. He disapproved of the way serious global issues have been handled and decided to do something about it. He pointed a finger at the inner circles of this most powerful seat of power created. He went against the image of comfort in the voters’ mind that only a seasoned political alone the right to run the country and no one else.

When two contestants go into a match, only one is going to win, right?

Alas, so many proud Americans neglected to cast their ballot. They disenfranchised themselves from the opportunity to let their views influence the outcome. They didn’t see the more than necessary influence of political pundits to decide who makes a better leader. And now, that the verdict is out they are unhappy with the result. Few individuals have even gone to the extent of questioning the entire voting process claiming there has been mishandling of votes. If only they could hold their horses and think about the people in charge of this obligation. They were all under the closest possible scrutiny of the government at all times. That goes to say you are raising doubts against your own duly constituted government in discharging its duty. Not only that, the candidate of your so-called ‘choice’ was an influential member of the same government. What would you call it, if not incompetence of the management vested with all the powers? Why would your own, duly elected officials indulge in such a malpractice when their own fate is on the line? It is akin to commit political suicide. And if they did it anyways, then you should not question their motive because of their self-inflicted loss.

How could you trust the country in the hands of individuals in such the Oval Office unable to discharge their obligations over a brief period of counting the ballots? Because, if they did, what gives you the right to protest? Ask yourself the questions first: did you make sure that every single individual that you know personally went out to vote? If yes, take their verdict if they agree with your viewpoint or not. If they all claim that they have been wronged, why did they not exercise their right at the ballot box?

You were right in front of the goalpost and yet you didn’t score. Does that give you the right to call the game a scam? I don’t think so!

While both candidates did their level best to present their personal viewpoints in finest terms, the opportunists made hay digging up graves of their individual past in a truly mean fashion. They were both made to look evil in one way or another, one more than the other, depending on which side you chose to go with. The ultimate choice was to elect the lesser evil. Comes election day and the verdict is out. Now, you have selected one over the other. If you, the reader, did not vote, too bad. You have lost the right to protest because you surrendered it yourself by letting others decide for you.

In the event you voted for the other candidate, you have still lost the right to protest because the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution give power to the majority winner. The candidate you did not want to win has garnered the support of more electoral colleges of this country. It is unfortunate you do not agree with them. But how does that give you right to protest? If you take it as normal then you are grossly misinterpreting the Constitution as well as common principles of democracy where majority wins. The minority becomes duty bound to support the winner towards the common good. On the other hand, you are disrupting the life of others by resorting to lawlessness.

It is about time such unruly protesters are put on the block and asked to explain what makes them challenge the laws of the land. How can a handful of individuals, misguided by short-sighted organizers, indulge in activities that bring shame to the entire society with their irresponsible act? How can they expect the winner to bow to the loser just because they did not exercise their right in droves?

When two contestants go into a match, only one is going to win, right? Now that the verdict is out, loud and clear, please do yourself a favor and stop acting foolishly by protesting against the verdict of those that cared to pick the Winner!

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