Happy New Year: Time for Resolutions

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” –Author Unknown

Welcome to the upcoming New Year! Let us get over the past, the challenges, the obstacles, the difficulties and the turmoil. Let us start afresh to create a new environment of change for the better, towards year-round growth. Why don’t we pledge to generate harmony, create opportunities for success and develop compassion throughout the year?

We are familiar with the New Year’s resolutions. Let us prepare ourselves to overcome the next bout of stress, and the need for speed. It’s the time of the year to girt up our loins and pass the test of our resources and capabilities, and the undeniable needs of those dependent upon us. It does not take long for these solemn resolutions to evaporate same as the early morning fog of winters.

One of the most common resolutions we often hear relates to weight-control. A vast majority is unhappy with his/her weight, diet, exercise programs or daily pressures they want to put a tight lid on in the New Year.

Alas, we watch like a hawk what we eat between Christmas and the New Year but forget to pay closer attention to our diet between the New Year and Christmas!

If only we could nurture the habit of constant improvement, these resolutions will not go waste. To be honest, we may not even need any resolutions at all. It might involve drawing out a plan of action related to the most important necessities of life at the current stage. Young adults may have a different resolution than the person in the ‘C’ Suite of a global empire. A chronic bachelor’s resolution may not sit well with someone married and has adorable children. A philanthropist’s resolutions might be in direct contrast with someone living on charity perforce circumstances and so on and so forth.

So, how could we create a plan of action? Piece by piece as the ‘guide-by-your-side’ advised! We have routine duties and obligations we need to meet day in and day out. Majority of us succeed while a few don’t. The intentions, the efforts, and dedication could be there but unforeseen circumstances keep us from meeting these obligations as and when they become due. The idea is to find the pitfalls per experience from earlier occasions.

So long as we take the trouble to analyze challenges we have faced, it shall be much easier to foresee possible hardships ahead of time. It is only when we know the nature of the beast we can plan an attack (or run) strategy to win. If not, the consequences are bound to be less than pleasant.

Please allow me to share my little secret I learned at a young age: The most important resolution in life is to be strong and rigid where needed and supple and subtle per the need of the hour. I make every possible effort to be the wall that my family and friends may lean on when support is what they need. At others, they should just feel confident the same wall is still available; the wall that protects them against oncoming trouble where possible and the wall they could use to support their roof; the wall that offers many doors to opportunities and the wall that opens to greener pastures, newer fields of warmth and joy!

It is my belief that our favorite Santa is on a year-round mission watching over us so he may decide who deserves his largess the most when the time comes to shower gifts.

I Thank Dear Lord With My Heart and Soul for His Blessings and Continued Grace in Forms More Than I Can Dare Count!

In the Same Spirit, I Pray for His Blessings on Every One of Us in the New Year and Ever After!!!

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