Let There Be No Limits!

“The first half of life is spent in longing for the second; the second half in regretting the first”

Above French proverb signifies an experience that is difficult to gain by any measures. We understand that retrieval of what is lost will not be possible after getting there. But there exists a silver lining in sight for the rest. Let us use it as a genuine warning to carry out disciplinary procedures while there’s still a chance. Better handle the situation now, before moving forward into the next half and end up with repentance.

Ever since childhood, we have seen advisors in various forms attempting to give guidance to our profession. As we grow up to adulthood, it turns out the eventual choice lies with none but ourselves to go after what we long for. No doubt influences play a role to a large degree but let them not be the reason to reconsider our footsteps towards comfort.

Most success stories originated from people that moved off the beaten track and made a path where it did not exist. These exceptional risk-takers had no opportunity for repentance to close in and sweep away their peace of mind in the next phase. But it does not suggest that everybody else is powerless; not by any standards!

We must express our life’s liabilities and assets in terms of achievements and shortcomings. A closer peek at our capacities and demands will be in harmony. We need to decide whether our true goal is to break down barriers or not! We need to examine our careers in the light of fast-evolving technology and analyze future possibilities. The future I’m seeking to defend is not 10, 15 or 20 years from today but the one confronting us right here, right now: and running into the years following.

You may want to know what will be transformed so drastically in this brief period. The key lies in continuous changes appearing all around, no matter where we look. Can we ignore the arrival of computers? What do you think about the Internet and the Smart Phone? Life itself is undergoing a drastic reformation.

It took over half a century for the landline telephone to grow into a popular household object in developed countries. Compare it to Cellular telephones that achieved much better acceptance and growth within ten years. Smart Phone has grown into an integral part of our personality in a still shorter span. We had no inkling what was so ‘smart’ in these gadgets when they first appeared.

The journey from the electrical and gas ranges to Microwave Ovens and Convection Ceramic Top stoves again touched a breakneck speed. Self-driving Automobiles, Trucks and Mass Transit are just round the corner. An enormously powerful change is beating on our doors right this minute. We need to pull out the plugs of ‘I don’t give a damn’ habits from our ears and pay attention before pain appears to settle-in.

Next five years will see hundreds of thousands of jobs eliminated because automation is being given a significant breakthrough by ‘Internet of Things’ better known as “IoT”. Traditional laws of life are in for an extreme paradigm shift with Disruptive Technology leading the attack. Predictive maintenance is fast taking over as the measure to boost production and cut interruption because of machine malfunctions. Manual labor is destined to become a pariah looking for other opportunities. There is opening up a massive opportunity for the front-runners to assume command and find suitable niches in the areas of their choice. Every important industry must prepare to encounter the rumbles, some sooner than the other. The consumer-products market may be the ultimate one to follow the path but it is going to happen, without any ifs and buts, that too within the following 5 years!

Without running into the sharp details, allow me to offer you a curtain-raiser on different jobs waiting in the wings. With Cloud Data Storage on the increase and ‘Internet of Things’ taking deep roots, we are guaranteed to face shortage of workforce in many new professions such as:

  • Data Processors

  • Microchip Programmers

  • Cyber Security Personnel

  • Network Management Specialists

  • Drone Operators and Repair Technicians

  • Robotics Engineers and Service Technicians

  • Field Staff to sell, install and maintain “IoT” Connectivity devices in Various Segments

An enormous change is on the way, looking at the barrage of Disruptive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, ‘Machine Learning’ et al.

The above observation should serve:

  • Young Adults

  • Those Entering Job Market

  • Individuals Planning Career Change

  • Middle-Managers That Reach the proverbial ‘Glass Ceiling’

  • Those Exploring Technology-related Opportunities

The foregoing is a preview of developments beyond imagination that we shall encounter on the road from ‘Cloud’ to ‘FOG’, from ‘Memory’ to ‘Machine Intelligence’, from ‘Human Labor’ to ‘Robotics,’ from the Internet to ‘Internet of Things’ and further on to “Tactile Internet.” This phase will re-calibrate distances and travel time from miles and flight duration to just M I L L I S E C O N D S, yes you got that right: milliseconds!

Are you ready for the change and create a new phrase? “Let There be No Limits!”

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