“If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies. It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it” Albert Einstein

A case in point: the well-appointed, sharply dressed executive sporting an expensive watch and driving a luxury car! Are they all equally great in terms of their skill-set? Not necessarily…

It is not hard to spot this pitiful situation raising its dark head like Hydra, the multi-headed snake, far and wide. That ‘bosses’ exercise their sway not just within but also outside professional boundaries, is a familiar observation. Let your conscience decree when and where you have taken advantage of your subordinate/s in the name of authority. It could be a minor support in your view but an enormous adjustment for the affected party to forgo a significant appointment or a family commitment.

You might have called for one or more of your assistants’ presence on a weekend in the name of an important assignment/contract finalization. On the other hand, you could have expressed priority to one specific vendor serving your business over others, without rational explanation.

You have been assigned to administer an enterprise with sincerity. Given a chance, you brought in a relative in preference to much more qualified candidates. Does this action of yours not reek of the same unpleasant packaging where the wrapper is better than the meat inside it?

It is all very typical to look at over-worked parents miss significant occasions in their children’s lives e.g. Hockey Games, PTA Meetings and more. The majority of us do not give it a second thought as an oddity. By the time we notice the deeper effect, it is already too late. It stings when the same children come up and challenge our parenting.

Some autocratic bosses like to revel in the spotlight even at the cost of TEAM spirit. Rather than extend attention to their units for a task properly executed, they simply enjoy laying blame while basking alone in the resulting glory. No doubt such incidents alienate all.

When you hold the Executive Chair in the 'C' Suite, you develop into a leader. You are the person in charge, the wrapper that ensures the excellence of the packed meat. You are the protector of values that your business holds dear and is committed to delivering.

How would you feel if the same terrible situation occurs under your own watch? Would you relate your authority appear under the veil of distrust?

Would you enjoy forcing your unit to perform under intimidation or coercion rather than taking jobs as opportunities to show its courage?

Only your inner conscience can deal with the above challenges and extend appropriate direction against lingering misalignment.

In the situation you are a few steps shy of the coveted ‘C’ Suite, pick up the courage to confront the situation skillfully. Do you really need to create a stir where none exists? You do have the right to smarten up and recognize when to quit. You could tactfully bring unreasonable ‘boss’ around to understand where the limit is crossed.

True leaders lead by example and not just issuing orders; they nurture TEAM spirit and reward initiative. They have been there and done that. That is why they command 360 Degree vision. They carry the baton because they appreciate their followers inside out. They are the wrappers that care for the finest meat. Their virtues exist in the unit under their charge and that is why they are prepared to look after their followers’ interests.

Do you recognize these qualities in the face in your mirror? Take a long, hard look and see how far you meet the bill. If not, there’s still time to carry out the needed modifications. Develop rapport and build a feel of belonging so your entire TEAM (the meat inside the package) is consistently as good as the wrapper (yourself).

Try It and You Will Make Einstein Proud!

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