Distinguished, brilliant and outstanding individuals have continued to profess the spirit of ‘Can Do’, a powerful personality trait! Before the debut of Intelligence Quotient or ‘IQ’ standards, ‘never say die’ prevailed as the most remarkable element for growth. History has been a witness to the extraordinary success that Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Aristotle, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and thousands of others gained. They gained both, an everlasting name and universal fame on the strength of their ‘I CAN’ bent of mind.

To pay attention to our critics is one of the most compelling effects that block us from forging ahead. Each time we share our dream with such associates, their apprehension works its magic on our subconscious. Their ill-founded advice for our welfare acts same as a hot knife in a slab of butter.

We need to study own actions more relentlessly. We need to discover the reason and contributing factors behind these negative conclusions. This exercise shall stimulate our thought process to identify specific motivations or causes that place restrictions on our success. As we delve further, our imperfections show up.

Once we have achieved this insight, chances of developing a stable infrastructure for progress will become less burdensome. The basic spirit behind ‘I CAN’ is an acknowledgment of our own personality as distinctive from others in so many aspects. Although our personal attributes may be comparable, a mix of upbringing, education, maternal and paternal influence, social surrounding, finances and foreign influences have a telling impact on our happiness or disappointment.

The majority of the above-named geniuses had less than stellar childhood, deprived of creature comforts. Yet their efforts, influenced by an uncompromising vision, encouraged them to carve an enduring name in history books forever. Why and how, you may ask yourself?

These exceptional achievers always looked past the conventional. They had hope where others saw challenges. Their imagination enabled them to take off like an eagle that soared ever higher through the worst storms of misery instead of seeking shelter or refuge. It was beyond their vision to search for a comfort zone and that’s what kept them working while others dropped out. They didn’t just look at a silver lining in black clouds but felt the silvery clouds lurking behind a smoke-screen. These personalities picked up the fortitude to discard any fears and offered us such magnificent specimens of architecture, literature, paintings and a host of cherished gifts that retain immeasurable significance to this day.

Talking about ‘IQ’, contemporary educationists lay so much stress on this vital personality attribute. I have no trouble with that but the basic obligation to make that high ‘IQ’ act for universal good is also equally significant, or is it not?

We need not go far to untangle the fact how gifted achievers never attended the University. Most of these Billionaires saw no ridicule in declaring they were college drop-outs or less educated. But one feature common among them all is that they acted different from others and that’s what brought them laurels. They believed enough in themselves that they proclaimed: ‘I CAN’ and they did!

We can do it; all it takes is determination!

Sure I can, how about you?

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