Are You the Eagle that Soars When Storm Clouds Come In Or Do You Take Cover Like Other Birds, Scared

Are You the Eagle that Soars When Storm Clouds Come In Or Do You Take Cover Like Other Birds, Scared to Death?

Great personalities are born out of a habit of standing tall in the face of adversity. Since times immemorial, great thinkers, philosophers, political leaders, commanders of armed forces, even kings and statesmen have mastered the art of not bending under any pressure. Great business leaders know how to navigate the ship in murky waters and take decisions that others shudder to think of, all for the sake of not just survival but consistent growth.

Nature gives us one of the biggest examples of resilience when the eagles refuse to bow down to surging storm clouds. These birds of prey can be compared to nothing less than steadfast leaders that see a silver lining in those clouds and use the skills, the charisma, the experience and the analytical skills at their disposal to get maximum leverage out of the situation that most others look for an escape from.

There is a beautiful example that was narrated to me by my maternal grandfather a long time ago and it goes like this: ‘All ships look beautiful in the harbor but their true strength is only evident in the way they navigate through the worst storms in wide open oceans. They have nowhere to hide and no external support to save them or to provide an anchor yet they go unscathed and reach their destination safe and sound, come hell or high water.

The commanders at the helm of these ships are no novices. They have weathered enough of these storms to know the nature of the beast even before they approach it, ready to strike with all their might. It is a different story that no one ever sings their praises. On their part, they never boast about it either. Why, because they consider it a part of their job.

In order for us to be equally strong and judicious decision-maker, we must make full use of our naturally gifted faculties and pay attention to our surroundings. We need to stop listening to rumor mongers, use our own wisdom rather than others’ self-centered suggestions, awaken our analytical capabilities and pay attention to actions, inaction and/or causes that resulted in a given catastrophic situation. Unless we know the cause, we may never find the cure.

Remember, we all have our own little kingdoms to take care of on a daily basis. Our decisions impact other lives, no matter how small our family, circle or domain. One wrong decision could result in some serious damage to anyone concerned. If we can make good use of our faculties at home then why do we fail at work?

Agreed, your responsibilities at home are minuscule compared with those at work or business and the resulting gain or loss is also proportional. However, your mastery of the skill to take decisive action that weighs both the pros and cons in an analytical fashion shall see you through in the face of storms. You will need to be humble enough to take such challenges in stride as an important component of your responsibility that you MUST tackle with absolute devotion, dedication and diligence.

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