Selected By The Rejection Board

We are all performers in one way or another. Some perform on the stage to please the masses while others perform in real life situations to handle different tasks. The head of the family needs to perform so he/she can put food on the table while the kids need to perform at their level best in studies. Workers perform to keep their jobs while businesses perform to increase their customer base and focus on possible expansion opportunities.

Investors perform the crucial task of financing businesses and hold management answerable while the top management must keep performing to generate positive results beyond expectations. Leaders need to perform for continued line-up of followers, and maintaining the decorum of their own position as Peoples’ Representatives. Any missed opportunities to perform per expectations and you have the ‘Rejection Board’ waiting to strike you out.

Well, the above scenario makes it abundantly clear that wherever there is a performer, there must also be present someone observing, analyzing, and examining that performance per set guidelines. Job aspirants failing to create the confidence of their ability in the interviewer’s mind are destined to suffer due to incompetence. Do you think the Selection Board will be happy to pick up a candidate without requisite qualifications, experience, and team spirit? I do not think so. Who takes care of sending the “Thank You for Your Interest in Our Company’ note? It is the ‘Rejection Board!

We all go through this drill, starting from our early childhood up until the last day of our lives. Yes, it is true because even at the most unpleasant stage of ripe old age, our failure to perform and invite attention to our needs might deprive us of urgently needed medical and/or other critical-care.

With the above scenario in mind, we need to do some serious analysis of our own performance at various levels and see if we are right up to the mark in all our interaction. Any missed opportunity will be a sure guarantee of our selection by the ‘Rejection Board’. Our failure to deliver on the expectations is the precursor to such a dire situation, what else?

Performers, with the right balance of capabilities and confidence, make a great impression on members of the ‘Selection Board.’ So, who would select the non-performers, if not the ‘Rejection Board’?

Here is an exercise that found to be especially in my career, in a remarkable fashion. It is an exercise with multiple advantages. Not only does it help better organize time at hand, we do also sharpen our prioritization techniques. Getting better organized in life brings multiple rewards that are hard to tabulate in w few words. However, we can certainly make a humble effort at the very basic approach and see how it helps us reject the Rejection Board.

It involves a simple task involving a daily journal of activities. Try separating them in three different categories: Essential, Beneficial, and General. At the end of the day, each day, we take note of all our activities in the order each one was performed. Let us classify each one of them per its urgency on a scale of 1 to 10, from the lowest to the highest.

The essential morning chores such as shower, getting ready for work or school and breakfast need no mention, for sake of brevity, as these are always essential anyways. What matters is how you prioritize other activities and in what proportion vis-à-vis their impact on your living standard.

Try to recollect how you performed with reference to each one of them. Chances are more than fair that accuracy will suffer in the beginning. When repeated consistently, over a period of 7 to 10 days, your performance sheet will start to create a pattern. Your memory will get sharper related to time lapse wherever it occurred. Your own accountability will start to make its impact on your personality in ways you never thought possible.

Looking at the pattern so developed over a period of few weeks, you will identify the useless pursuits that are eating away your most valuable resource: ‘Time!’ It will enable you to streamline the essential activities so you are never short of time. This one activity alone can keep you free of unnecessary tension and stress.

You will get rid of unnecessary activities and focus more on the productive, relaxing, as well as educational component of a progressive mindset. The cumulative effect of such changes will reflect in your changed persona, guaranteed!

You would be proud to develop necessary organization skills in a proficient manner. The analytical bent of mind, so developed, can help you handle tough challenges with comparative ease. At the same time, panic will start to escape your vocabulary. Your cognitive skills will start to come to the fore in a noticeable manner, as randomness will give way to a practical approach.

All said and done, you will be proud to SELECT your own self to perform the listed tasks over anyone. You would be on course to acquire every possible characteristic of a trustworthy performer.

Above exercise can serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, it will refine your own personality through self-analysis, and on the other, you will escape the ‘Rejection Board’ due to non-performance. Your intuitive skills will make you the best performer out there so the ‘Selection Board’ will be proud to have you on its team rather than the ‘Rejection Board’!

Give It a Try, Who Knows You Might Like It a Lot!

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