Quality of Your Relaxation Determines the Success of Your Motivation

Relaxation is as much a necessity as productivity. One is incomplete and meaningless without the other and that is why they become complementary to each other. Imagine a restless mind given an important task and you already know the resulting disaster.

We all need some rest in our daily lives. Otherwise, we would be working like robots 24/7/365. Since we are NOT robots, the resulting burnout is a definite given. Even nature has created a system that brings about change at regular intervals. Change in seasons, change in weather patterns, change in day and night, change in our physical attributes since birth, and change in our eating habits all point in the direction of our very own need for a break.

We do also need a break from monotony, break from school, from work, from unproductive associations and relationships, and break from things, environments, and people who our conscience does not approve of.

The change that we long for permits us to feel some kind of relaxation. This feeling could be transitory in ways more than one. The fleeting relaxation has a tendency to keep pushing us back into similar situations over, and over, again. However, relaxation that allows us to leave all stressful ideas, thoughts, feelings, and responsibilities behind also empowers us to feel much more refreshed like a blank slate.

Relaxation helps us wipe off many of the negative factors in life. It induces renewed excitement towards meeting obligations. A well-relaxed mind looks at different perspectives when handling an obstacle. We need to bring about this exact mental rejuvenation in our lives, as a priority.

How do you do that?

Whenever you have a chance to relax, whether by yourself or with family, have as much fun as possible. Try to make everyone around a partner, in some sort of creative pursuits, like little kids. Try to relive your childhood: free of all worries! More you engage in such an activity, the more relaxation will start to appear in your work-life.

Never ever let distractions or the mundane problems come and bother you. Learn to empower each person on your team whether it is at work, home or at play. Create a TEAM spirit. Let each player take responsibility for his/her own piece of the puzzle. Do not keep harassing them every time they come short of your expectations. Encourage others to excel so they get a chance to reciprocate. Remember what goes around comes around!

Remember: Failure is never permanent; it is as much transitory as day and night! Great motivators can help turn the tide from utter failure to remarkable success with their relaxed approach free of preset notions.

Find the time to encourage your friends, family, associates, coworkers, and/or subordinates. Give due respect to those that matter under given circumstances. Make sure to interact with them at regular intervals. Find any problems that they are facing in discharging their given obligations and help them overcome the same, before they ask.

This will bring quality to overall performance of your team while also helping you relax a lot more at the same time. By applying this particular technique, you will not just win everybody’s trust but respect as well. This process will bring cohesiveness throughout the TEAM. At the same time, it will also help everyone achieve more.

They say T E A M means Together Everybody Achieves More. Some innovators like this one better: Together Everybody Acquires Money. Take your pick!

NEVER STARVE YOURSELF OF MOTIVATION: Once you have made up your mind to achieve excellence, it becomes much more important to energize your brain with positive thoughts.

The biggest question remains: how do you feed a brain that is already brimming with all the worries, tensions, challenges, shortcomings, and frustrations caused by factors beyond your direct control.

Fresh, open mind that has been through the childhood exercise of a blank slate is the ideal vessel that can absorb fresh ideas. It carries the impetus to convey the same to others in the most efficient manner. Such minds can, and will, help bring out desired results in all their glory.

QUALITY RELAXATION is the ‘Mantra’ to your empowerment.


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