Year 1999-2000


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Network Name: National Informatics Center (N.I.C.)
Figure-head: Ty Nguyen
Modus Operandi: Telemarketing Sales of Unauthorized Directories

Montreal has been known across North America as the breeding ground of all mother-of-scams while boiler-room operations of telemarketing used to be at the very top of a very wide and innovative field of operation.

The Province of Quebec, with its oppressive tactics against the English speaking populace, provided an easy availability of fairly well educated immigrants to feed the continuous demand for telemarketers as most other jobs were out-of-bounds for them unless they adapted French language fully well.

In most cases, these workers were paid $6.00 or even less, per hour and even that too was tied to their daily targets. The yardstick for job continuation was sales by the hour. Lower your sales and the faster they showed you the EXIT door, no ifs and no buts.

With completely ruthless owners, well-paid management and cubby-hole work-stations, these less than comfortable operations packed as many individuals in a room as they forcefully could. There were Supervisors on duty to eves-drop on each worker’s calls to ensure they were only calling the numbers on the provided list and nowhere else.

Most of these operations targeting businesses ran from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. in order to cover both the East as well as the West Coast. The products being sold ranged from Business Directories to Credit Card Insurance, Debt Collection to Debit Roll/Office Stationery Supplies and everything in-between.

My curiosity to learn how this branch of marketing worked brought me to the above named company that had spread its wings across Canada, with branches in Winnipeg and Victoria B.C. Boasting of a total staff strength running anywhere between 350 to 400 actual telemarketers, they sold anywhere from 650 to 700 such dubious directories @ $399.99 each Plus S&H of another $30.00 to boot. Their total cost, including shipping: less than $10.00 each

You can do the math, I’m sure!

The above-named individual invited me as a Consultant to help him streamline operations without giving me the necessary details of their operation’s legitimacy. It was during the hands-on process I discovered the entire truth. When I confronted the Mr. Nguyen, the President with all the information in my possession, he tried to bribe me with an $80,000.00 check.

Upon my refusal to accede to his request, he handed over the matter to his younger brother John who had recently been married and ran the operations in Winnipeg (Manitoba). John flew in to Montreal before the end of the day and made another effort to coerce me into following their bidding. Even their so-called General Manager, another stooge from Winnipeg named Cory Kornellson came in to buy me out with his almost life-threatening approach.

I was left with only two choices:

  1. Take the $80,000.00 Check, keep quiet and continue to work there OR

  2. Forget the check, leave the office and NEVER EVER dare open my mouth Or ELSE

I chose the second option but on my terms. I quit on the spot and decided to let the authorities know everything. Within 5 minutes of leaving their office in downtown Montreal, I called the Special Ops Wing of RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called the Phone Busters. They mobilized all the necessary resources and raided all three offices of this shady operation in a matter of hours, caught everyone in the act of commission of crime.

All the above named individuals were arrested and duly charged by both Canadian as well as U.S. authorities and their assets frozen. A few months later, I read in the local newspapers the entire story of how they unearthed huge amounts of cash stashed away by the two brothers and their mother who was the C.O.O. of the entire operation.

Tragically, John the younger brother of Ty Nguyen, jumped from the roof of a 5 Star hotel in Winnipeg a few weeks after release from prison and committed suicide, leaving his young bride a widow for no fault of hers.

Thankfully, hundreds of thousands of potential victims of this huge scam in the United States of America were saved Millions of Dollars that I find especially relieving.


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