Are You Hiding A Leader Within, Let's Find Out...

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is a danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” Nelson Mandela

Almost all great leaders that we know today, since time immemorial, have come from very humble beginnings. Perforce circumstances, they experienced a deprived childhood. Majority of them lived through an utter lack of the basic human needs, e.g., healthy living conditions, adequate food, education, and entertainment.

On the other hand, those imposed upon the masses, like the hereditary Kings and Queens with scant regard for public opinion, and or requisite qualifications, now find their burial ground in history books as despots or tyrannical rulers not worth a second thought.

Leadership is not something that would automatically pass from generation to generation. Instead, it needs careful nurturing, with precision. The amount of critical thinking that goes into this development stage determines the level of success one can achieve in life.

Real leaders never found comfort in the circumstances thrust upon them. They enjoyed an unparalleled impatience to feed their curiosity, beyond the norm. They devoted most of their time to honing their skills and feeding their convictions with a penchant for success.

Leaders have an inquisitive bent of mind that looks deep into a given situation to find a logical answer, reasoning, and/or solution to the challenge or adversity. Leaders develop the habit of continued success driven by their curiosity to find answers to questions that others fail to see.

A real leader is never afraid of the unknown. Instead, he/she finds motivation in exploring the same, right to its depths. This is what brings them ever closer to the cusp of success and leadership.

While the common man is looking for justification in doing things in a particular fashion, the leader goes out on a limb, takes the initiative and owns up to the resulting consequence whether it is a success or an abject failure. If it is a success, the leadership traits will induce extra energy in the leader to keep forging ahead. In the event of an unexpected failure, this very same leader will make every possible effort to identify the cause of failure, find a way not to repeat the same mistake ever again and then move on.

True Leaders do not give lectures expecting others to do their bidding. Instead, they teach by example. They are not goat herders taking their flock to the slaughterhouse.

True leaders relate to everyday problems, challenges, demands and drudgery way more deeply than we can ever imagine. They do have the sensitivity to relate to others’ situations and try to do things with the more significant benefit of the masses in mind.

Motivational strength as displayed by true leaders is the source of incomparable energy in those believing in their leadership. They feel nurtured and empowered enough to assist the leader with all their might as well as resources in realizing not just the leader`s dream but their own as well.

Take a long, hard look at yourself with the eyes of a critical analyst. What particular traits of your own personality coincide with the ones cited in the above paragraphs? Take inventory of what you have and identify the ones you need to acquire. Draw an action-plan of the techniques and resources you need to deploy to get there and start working on it with immediate effect.

Your own dedication to the cause and untiring efforts to make a change, the much-needed change for the better, will definitely help you stand out from within the crowds of the dejected, the dissatisfied, and the hopeless people all around. It will also help you make your mark in due course.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, make a run for it, and start your journey to success and beyond right here, right now!


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