Appreciate the True Boss or get Depreciated

We, as responsible human beings, must live up to certain norms of expectations throughout our life cycle. Whether death sets us free is still a matter of debate worldwide. Why? Because those we leave behind, nurture hopes from our will.

In the event we fail to meet those expectations, the society starts to pass judgments on our living and spending habits, our lifestyle and given a chance, on our moral character as well.

Sometimes it appears that seeking approval from someone or the other, right from birth to death, is an ongoing demand on our psyche forever.

Who is in charge of passing the judgment on another human being if not the BOSS? Remember, there is always a BOSS, no matter what.

One of the most significant and equally powerful forces the human gene has inherited by default is the dreaded “BOSS.” At work, we have the inevitable boss that keeps an eye on all our moves, does not even think twice before pulling us aside for the slightest oversight and joyfully enjoys every opportunity to establish his/her authority!

In business, we have the Customer that wields an immense amount of influence on our performance in meeting his/her expectations. Any deviation and the books of accounts start displaying the dreaded red color: a sure sign of impending disaster!

Back at home, the all so loving and cuddly spouse acts the Boss with the slightest of neglect, no matter how trivial. The kids boss us around in meeting their demands even when we come home dead tired, both physically as well as mentally, at the end of a grueling day.

What we conveniently forget in all this humdrum is that the biggest and most dreaded BOSS that we need to deal with, all 24/7/365 is none other than ourselves, right: ourselves! We are all answerable to none other than ourselves first.

Soon we forget to give due respect to ourselves and address our own needs, wants, demands, obligations, and capabilities, we end up forcing ourselves into unpleasant situations that ONLY we must avoid in the first place.

The urgent need of the hour for us is to create a Plan of Self Management that will help pave the way to Self Appreciation. Once we become adept at Self Appreciation, the next challenge from our inner conscience is to move on to Mass Appreciation. It opens up an immense treasure trove of Mass Recognition that we all want, but only a handful achieve.

There are people all around us who just ‘live’ rather than ‘enjoy’ life; then there are those who are just ‘o.k.’ rather than ‘Great!’ and then we find those who can barely manage rather than ‘plan and execute’ their wish.

How would you react when the person across from you says he is ‘always incredible’? Almost always, people look at me in bewilderment when I respond with my patent response of 'INCREDIBLE' to every ‘how are you?’ People wonder, and in some cases stop and ask again, ‘what did you say, incredible?’ Majority of them think I am trying to act like an alien. People wonder how I could always be incredible. The answer lies in your perception. If you think you are ok, you will only be o.k. On the contrary, when you consider yourself fit and 'on top of your game,' this is what you will transmit to others.

'Change' is perhaps, the only constant in our lives, so change for the better. Accept 'change' as a rule of nature, and learn to adapt to it with all your energy!

Change your daily routine to incorporate a system of self-appreciation and analysis where you are answerable to none other than yourself, first and foremost. Any change, no matter how minuscule, could have a profound impact on your day-to-day performance for better or for worse.

Yes, it could be worse but only when you change to develop a less responsible and ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude whereas proactive changes will surely help you embark on the path of progress, guaranteed!

Developing such a habit is not an easy task, BUT it is not impossible either. Yes, you cannot change overnight, and I am not asking you to do that either. However, make change a habit and bring it on, layer by layer.

Change one small bit each day to make sure you are on a constant, and consistent path of progress. You can, and you inevitably will create an unbreakable pattern of moving forward on this course bit by bit until you too could claim to be successful.

To help you understand better, let me recommend a little practical exercise: take one piece of paper and tear it into two. That was easy! Now, put the two together, one on top of the other and try ripping them again. It might be a little bit harder, but still manageable. Repeat this exercise 8 times before you cannot go any further. Why is that so? The stack has built enough resistance to thwart any reasonable human attempt at forcing it to tear apart.

Same way, your consistent efforts at bringing about a change for the better will develop a comparable level of resistance in your personality to thwart other peoples’ efforts to bring you back to your old ways. Persistent continuation of these same efforts will make you stand out from among the naysayers, like cream on top of the churned milk.

The only difference here is that your personality will not be at the disposal of rough hands. On the contrary, you will receive intricate cuts and polish at the same time, at the hands of none other than a master diamond cutter.


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