We consider ourselves the masters of our life where outside interference is not welcome. Case in point is our daily schedule, what we need to do, when, how and with whose help or engagement. We might be open to advise, but orders are definitely not welcome in our personal lives at the very least.

This is where an urgent need to set our priorities kicks in. It raises a million dollar question about justification or productivity angle of the way we set our priorities, a sequential order of tasks in a specific pattern for ease of transition from one to the other.

We do feel the need as well as the necessity to seek company and/or help from others whether we know them or not. Either way, the majority of our actions have a tendency to create an impact on some other lives as well if not a lot of them.

Our order of priorities determines how we do things in life, how we handle our affairs, how we interact with others, the way we treat a crisis, and what opinion others carry about us!

We often meet people that never used a Daily Schedule or Tasks’ Calendar in their entire lives. It shows their total disregard for ‘TIME’: the most precious and irreplaceable resource that nature has given us.

No one knows how long he or she is going to live. Does it give us a valid justification to waste time senselessly? I do not think so. Why, because the proper allocation of time will teach us its real value as we can be more productive. At the same time, we can shed the easy-going habits.

We can empower ourselves to be more easily approachable when the need arises for others to get in touch with us. Prioritization helps us squeeze more activities into our day and obtain better returns in the process.

We just love to 'S P E N D' time. Do we ever give even a slight consideration that TIME is NOT a paycheck that you can earn every two weeks? Once gone, it is GONE, not to come back ever again. When we spend our money without due care, we may gloat over it for a little while. Eventually, we will get over it and move on. On the contrary, loss of an opportunity due to lack of time may never allow us to overcome the regret.

I have yet to meet one individual in my life who was careful and/or respectful enough not to use the word ‘S P E N D’ concerning time. It is a well-established, tried and tested, human nature to brag about the millions of ways we spend our time whether it is the Summer Vacations or a Long Weekend.

Imagine winning a lottery or a small jackpot of $10,000.00 or so. What is the very first feeling you will experience if not tremendous joy? This joy will prompt you to share this news with your loved ones and the first suggestion, actually DEMAND they will be making upon you is for a celebration, right!

You may choose to spend a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars out of this sudden gain to please others. Your own financial situation may be requiring some urgent attention in ways more than one. You conveniently forgot all those pressing needs each one of these Dollars could help meet.

Perhaps, the much-needed upgrade to a better or newer automobile is on your 'To Do' list. There might be an urgent need for repairs or a fresh coat of paint to your house.

Even a much-awaited family vacation that never materialized over the last so many years would be a befitting surprise. Depending on circumstances, your child’s admission to the University could become more affordable with this windfall. There could be many other pressing needs demanding your immediate attention.

Why did you do what you just did?

Because this money was unearned, a sudden gain, an extension to your cash flow and you could afford it as such. Apropos this sudden gain, let us consider the 24 hours of time that you have access to, in any given day, not a moment less and not a moment more. No matter what, there are no jackpots with the ability to provide you with extra time in a day to squander away carelessly.

Whatever slots of time once gone are never going to come back.

Why not set your priorities to use this most valuable resource like an investment that gives the highest returns. The more time-allocation techniques you practice, the higher your graph of productivity will climb day-after-day-after-day!


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