I and My "ME TIME"

We hear people complaining about the shortage of time to do essential things all the time. It could be friends, relatives, neighbors, and on top of everyone else, our kids that believe this Universe revolves around their whims and fancy.

Students write a new thesis every day on why they could not do their homework without realizing that it is an old leaf from the same book that their teacher wrote decades ago. Office workers look for help from their colleagues to complete their pending job requirements due to imaginary pressure on their own time.

We could go on and on and on, and examples will keep popping up from all directions. However, we are all blessed with an antidote, right since birth. Anyone wise enough to realize it becomes proactive.

I am one of the fortunate ones to have acquired a fascination for this antidote that I like to call ‘ME-TIME.’ I find it in the most precious part of my day, even before the dawn of the day, for most of us in the Wild West!

I have a select spot in the house where I attend to my most valuable appointment of the day. This is the time when I engage, and communicate with the most critical person in my life viz. none other than my inner self. It is the time of reflection, rejuvenation, and reaffirmation of my goals.

The 60-minute session each morning provides me with all the necessary energies to divide the day into six critical segments. These, in turn, help me determine ‘Absolute Necessity,’ ‘Essentials,’ ‘Need to be Done,’ ‘Advance Preparation,’ ‘If Time Permits’ and ‘May Be’! In between components 2 and 3, I give myself a 10-minute window for possible over-runs or catching up.

Once again, I repeat the same margin between priority # 4 and 5 for a possible eventuality. It comes to me from my childhood lesson: “Take care of your minutes and the day will take care of itself.”

The above technique has helped me tremendously to continue with my day in the most productive manner possible despite unavoidable interference and distractions.

‘Me-time’ for me is the Golden Period of my life that I have continued to enjoy over the most prolonged period.

Although very simple to explain and understand, this exercise is indeed not as easy as it sounds. You might do it one day, expecting some miracle. When you find no noticeable change in your work overload, it might become an unnecessary appendage and a direct target of your wrath.

Remember the adage, 'Rome was not built in a day?' The hidden wisdom leads us to carefully and patiently create layers of change. Let me give you a befitting example: How much does each cotton ball, that you can buy from a pharmacy, in a pack of 100 or so, weigh? Not much, I'm sure. When you take a closer look at the pack of 100, you will find the weight of the contents written outside. Ever wonder how a bunch of these purportedly weightless cotton balls gathered noticeable weight?

In an earlier article, I had shared an exercise that I do not mind repeating here, in case you missed it before. Take a sheet of paper and tear it into two. Now, put both the pieces together and tear them apart once again. You could repeat the process a few more times. No matter how strong you are, there would come a stage, probably on your eighth attempt when you will not be able to tear it anymore.

What changed here to thwart your attempts? It is the process of repetition wherein the small little pieces of paper gathered so much strength even when they continued to get smaller in size with each attempt.

Repetition helps build habits, and habits, in turn, dictate your nature. The resulting reflection on your performance determines your rise in life. How willingly you acquire great habits (vs. regular habits) will help pave the way for you to tackle mounting challenges. Diligent repetition of this process will help you come out a Winner!

Try it yourself and be on your way to Quantum Growth with Least Possible Stress!

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