Proud, Persistent Passion Polishes Personality

Our personality is one of the primary determining factors that contribute to our status in society. The more magnetic our personality, higher the amount of social acceptance we get to enjoy.

It is unfortunate but true that we see people with higher disposable income enjoy an extensive network of ‘friends’ and relatives. No wonder, they get to enjoy the upper class of social life like invitations to gatherings and parties. We also notice them move around in elite circles and command higher levels of respect as well. It makes us think whether it is their money that gives them the leverage or is there something captivating in their persona that attracts others.

Based upon my personal experiences in life, across a broad spectrum of individuals from different social, cultural, economic as well as linguistic backgrounds I can emphatically state that money may be a factor that seems to play a vital role in the higher level of recognition in social circles BUT it is not always right.

What makes me say that, publicly and in such strong terms? The answer is quite simple. I come from a very modest background with not enough money to even have all the necessities of life available when needed. Gradually, I rose to a position where not just a few but a whole lot of highly qualified, super-rich individuals accepted me into their fold with open arms. Our relations grew thick enough for them to visit my humble dwellings with their families repeatedly, and share simple, 2 or 3 course, home-cooked meals with much praise and appreciation.

Since the topic here is not me, but a significant issue of general interest, let’s get back to the subject of ‘Proud Persistence’ and how it generates the ‘Passion’ to ‘Polish’ someone’s ‘Personality.’

Passion is a gift we start to enjoy immediately after birth, although it manifests itself in negligible ways in the beginning. With age, this gift of nature takes deeper roots. The passion within, as well as the reciprocal exchange of equally passionate emotions from others, help us identify our near and dear ones, and those that care for us. The only difference is some use it wisely, and others fail to recognize where to direct this energy. Those unfortunate, end up losing one of the most significant competitive edges.

Those that recognize their passion and direct their energies in following the same come out winners whereas the others just ‘live’ rather than ‘enjoy’ life. Once we start to pursue our obligations with a passion, whether at work or home, in social surroundings or challenging situations, the outcome is visible to all concerned.

What makes the difference here is the dedication to details that others may not have to the same level. Our focus on the assigned project forces us to eliminate any loose ends and make sure every single component has been tested and retested to fit like a glove. When the time comes to check the completed assignment, the result is nothing but phenomenal and makes us feel proud.

The ensuing accolades help us gain a gradually higher level of recognition that makes us acceptable by those above us. We take every opportunity to fulfill every assigned task with pride and passion for bringing out an outstanding result. More often we do this, the more we increase our chances to get noticed by those that matter.

This process of continued passion and pride, repeatedly exercised in all our daily obligations gives our personality a different level of recognition as a trustworthy individual. It comes from a track record of ‘Persistence.’

Persistence to excel in everything we do, combined with the force of our proud passion, adds luster to our personality. Such an invaluable enhancement helps us stand tall in society and make enormous gains.


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