Admiration: First Step to Recognition

It is human nature to expect some sort of recognition for our efforts to fulfill an assigned job or to help someone out in his or her time of need. We also expect some appreciation for our acts of kindness. There is nothing wrong with that. However, what is definitely wrong is to accuse others of not coming up to our expectations or being thankless.

Not all humans have the exact same sharpness of faculties to pay close attention to basic courtesies. As such, they deserve to be excused for this shortcoming. On the other hand, we also see, day in and day out, some outstanding examples of other people that bend over backwards to recognize even the smallest help and/or favor that we may not even think of before extending.

It is this second type of individuals that leave a mark on our psyche and prompt us to give them due respect. It is this act of thankless kindness, without expecting anything in return, that these individuals command respect. Rather than demand it, they use their modesty to force upon us the need to recognize their selfless nature of helping others.

Once we develop the habit of recognizing every single act of kindness that someone does for us or even for a stranger, we shall grow taller in our social stature. How could that be possible, you may ask? Right! Here’s the answer: “what goes around comes around”! The more kindness we spread around, the more it will stick to us. The more we recognize others for their generosity, the more attention we will gather.

Admiring others sends out a loud and clear message of our own selflessness and our humility. Humble individuals always get recognized more than the selfish ones. They are always respected while the selfish ones lose their respect. In our quest to stand tall in society and to be identified with the successful, we need to bring about this fundamental change in our nature, the transition to recognize even the smallest acts of kindness of others. We need to focus on practicing humility. It is entirely up to us, and no one else, how we project ourselves.

Our regular habit of admiring others will make us a peoples’ person where even the strangers will feel comfortable in our company. It shall help us in growing our circle of admirers, and put us on the road to recognition.

Once we get to the level of recognition beyond our immediate circle of family and friends, the word starts to spread out as people begin to take notice of our generous, pleasant nature. This, in turn, will bring more like-minded individuals into our circle. I can firmly tell you this change in your personality will undoubtedly help you in gaining acceptance at a broader level. Larger the circle of our equally humble and generous admirers, more significant the amount of recognition we shall be able to enjoy.

Certain essential traits can go a long way in helping transform our personality to take full advantage of rising levels of public recognition. These can be summed up as follows:

  1. Stop ‘winging’ and start planning your hours, days and weeks

  2. Continuously strive to beat your previous performance

  3. Never starve yourself of motivation to forge ahead

  4. Maintain discipline and consistency at all levels

  5. Keep building upon your strengths

  6. Develop a magnetic personality

  7. Overcome your weaknesses


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