Goal Setting: Crucial Inventory Checklist

We all know the significance of goal setting and yet fail to practice the same in our own lives. Why?

Almost always, for only one reason: we are so sure of ourselves and our plans that we are not even willing to accept something could go wrong and derail us.

We tend to believe hurdles come in the lives of others but they will pass us by which, experience tells us again and again, is far from the truth.

So, what are we supposed to do? We need to focus on change, a change for the better, change that only we can make. It requires an unflinching faith in your own capability to make things move in the desired direction, against all the odds.

So long as we realize that change is inevitable, we can start to visualize what needs to change in our own lives. This visualization will be the harbinger of change that we can plan per our desire.

The above scenario gives us some salient features that are absolutely crucial in the process of goal-setting:

Assessment of our current situation

The realization that change is inevitable, whether for better or worse

Visualization of an improvement in our current situation over a given period of time

Once these three factors are aligned, we can get down to plan the change to benefit our own growth in a given fashion, e.g., education, finance, business, family, health, professional qualifications/status, career and so on and so forth.

Now is the time to let your imagination fly and dream your loftiest dreams, think beyond the immediate and start planning for the long term.


Because this is the only way, the internal thought-process will motivate you to think beyond the immediate and force you to plan how to break out of the box of limitations that you have created around yourself.

Instead of looking at all the negativity in your life, you will start to look at all things positive and get first-hand knowledge of your strengths. Your weakness will begin falling to the wayside and creativity would envelop your activities.

The lofty goals that you set for your life can now be broken down into smaller targets, same as you eat your meal one bite at a time. The long-term plan born out of your wild imagination will start to turn into a project once you set yourself easy-to-acquire targets.

Just the steps in a ladder or a staircase that takes us from the ground level to the top floor of a building, these targets will help you make measurable improvements, one step at a time.

The most important point to be noted in this journey is that the ultimate goal must stay constant, without compromise, although you can feel free to adjust your targets a little bit here and there.

No matter what goal you set for yourself, please DO NOT FORGET the above steps.

Thank You!

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