Path to Personality Development

No matter what your profession, the value of your personality can never be under-estimated. Your general appearance, your conduct, pleasant and friendly nature, as well as humility go a long way in determining how others perceive you as an individual. The amount of respect you command and the trust value of your statements are both dependent upon your personality in a far more significant fashion than what is evident on the outside.

The question is how efficiently you can develop a personality that helps you stand tall in a group and attract others to communicate with you respectfully rather than avoid you or indulge in backbiting.

Here is a broad overview of the basics that help create an outstanding personality irrespective of one’s ethnic, social, and economic background. These essential traits assist in creating an image that people appreciate, and respect. Armed with these skills you may never need to seek the limelight.

The following five steps are the building blocks encompassing much smaller initiatives that you can and should take to build the personality that becomes center of attraction in your desired circles:

Self Management Time Management Money Management Resource Management Relationship Management

Self-management is one of the most important and yet commonly under-estimated personality traits due to its nature of working on the very foundation rather than on the outside. Little wonder we tend to forget what is not visible. Once you start to appreciate your own life and learn to respect yourself, you can understand the real value of this crucial trait for success.

Remember, you are the most critical functionary in your entire life. In the event you cease to exist, nothing else would matter to you anyways. So, learn to appreciate this life. Respect yourself with all your faculties that can empower you to succeed beyond imagination.

Make an appointment with yourself each day, at the beginning of the day, as well as at the end. This exercise will help you chalk out the schedule for the day, and then to summarize the developments at the end. You will be able to see what percentage of your slated projects you could complete. Such an exercise will empower you with more in-depth analysis, and a logical prognosis to find the cause behind any tasks left incomplete.

Once you get into this routine, you will undoubtedly see the pattern of success as well as failure. You will identify the strengths that help you excel at things and the weaknesses that keep you from completing specific tasks. You will know your exact likes and dislikes. You will also be able to identify various personality traits of people whose company you enjoy more than that of some others.

This thorough analysis will provide you the necessary guidance to bring a positive change in your entire perception as well as appearance.

Time-management techniques will not only help you increase your productivity but will also make you more respectful of other peoples’ time. The resulting change will gain you both respect, as well as trust from those that matter in your life, whether it be your boss, your social circle, or any member of your family. The immediate gain will be your enhanced likability or social acceptance on a broader scale than before.

Money management is one of the primary hallmarks of a towering personality. Nobody could ever gain respect by being financially irresponsible or a lousy money-manager. The same principle applies as much to your own hard-earned money as to the budget allocation at your place of work. Exercising great caution with money entrusted to you by a friend or relations to address some of their specific issues on their behalf brings respect and boosts your level of trust.

Managing your finances efficiently enough to be worry-free in the event of a sudden emergency hardly needs any explanation. As such, this particular technique is always paramount for the sake of one’s very survival, and not only personal development.

Learning efficient money management comes from developing a keen sense of distinction between wants and needs. If you keep feeding your ‘wants,' you will never have enough left out for your ‘needs.’

Resource-management refers to the proficient utilization of resources available at a given time, in a given situation. It results in achieving the desired outcome with attention to detail in eliminating waste. This talent covers everything from your household budget to the much larger resource pool at your place of work.

Consider the responsibility on your shoulders to complete a given project with the help of 10 subordinates over a period of 5 working days and a budget of $100,000.00 for necessary purchases of materials and equipment. If you are genuinely insightful enough to analyze what resources you could generate from the existing pool, especially stuff that you already have, you could probably save some money and yet complete the project in the most efficient manner.

Same way, your visionary planning about details could help your team complete the project sooner rather than later.

The above scenario will help increase your reliability rating in the eyes of those that matter. Not only that, your leadership qualities will gain an appreciation. When combined, the two together will help elevate your personality.

Relationship management is the key to maintaining existing relations with mutual respect. It also encompasses developing lasting relationships at work or business. This trait generates repeat rewards concerning referrals, jobs, contracts, assignments, better opportunities, invitations to social gatherings. Another significant, though indirect benefit occurs in the form of a chance to widen your circle, and exert some additional influence.

It takes a lot more than a firm handshake to build relations. You need to be financially prudent and thus reasonably successful at what you do. Excellent people skills, as well as friendly nature, can go a long way in conducting informed conversations even in unfamiliar surroundings. Once you acquire these traits, your personality will start to act like a magnet among strangers. No wonder, you would leave a lasting impression.

You need to understand and implement some basic strategies that would help you climb the social ladder with ease. These strategies revolve around your presentation, pleasant demeanor, self-confidence, and the ability to make friends with perfect strangers, keeping track of current affairs as well as knowing your limits.


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