Make 'Journal Writing' a Daily Habit

Do you want to make a change in the direction your life is taking?

Do you want to get rid of the unproductive pursuits in your daily routine?

Do you wish to attain a certain degree of control over your most valuable resource: ‘time?’

Then, you need to identify where, when and how much of your time is being spent. Justify the utmost necessity to keep following the same routine, whether or not this expenditure is bringing you the desired rewards. If not, find out what you can and MUST do to benefit from the same.

Just like budgeting for money, allocating resources per priority and introducing accountability parameters in your ‘income-to-expenditure’ logs you can become financially responsible, the exact same way you need to become accountable with your time as well.

I am happy to outline some of the points you can keep in mind while determining your time allocation skills. Once you make up your mind and decide to go for it, the first and foremost step is to start writing a daily Journal.

Draw a rough sketch of your day, from the time you get out of bed up until the time you retire to bed again, at the end of your day.

Identify the necessary tasks that you MUST perform each day and note down how long each one of these takes so you have a fair idea of how many hours of productive time you have available.

The daily commute to and from work and in case you are telecommuter that works from home then how much time it takes you each day to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to get there.

Daily breaks and how you utilize those breaks.

How do you use the rest of the time, once your work schedule is over? Do you head home straight, back to the family or like to go out to relax a little with whatever pastime you have developed over the years?

Who are your closest friends, how well do they contribute to your immediate business interests and how much benefit do you see in spending time with them on a regular basis? Try to draw a weekly calendar to arrive at a daily average.

What extra-curricular activities you enjoy, how often, with whom, and how much time and money you spend on the same? This will create an immediate sense of justification even if you are not able to pursue the same on a regular basis and help you find the time actually to indulge in the same more often.

What books, business journals and magazines, studies, reports and other relevant materials find a place in your daily schedule and how much; if not enough then why and how you could create the necessary time-slot to start this process on a regular basis?

How much time do you actually spend communicating with your immediate loved ones on a daily basis? What level of interaction do you engage in? Is it always pleasant, helpful, informative, and encouraging? Do you find some of the essential elements missing at times because some of their needs remained unmet due to your preoccupation with other non-essential priorities?

Last, but not the least, what would be the most effective, life-changing activity you would like to pursue if ONLY you had an additional 2 hours each day, 7/24/365 at your disposal that you never had before?

I could go on and on but suffice it to say once you have written your first day’s journal with a significant degree of frustration you will begin to see immediate benefits.

You will be better equipped to identify waste factors and locate time-slots that could be devoted to more rewarding pursuits. You will have more time for your loved ones. As an added bonus, widening your knowledge base or taking on some career-building courses will become more of a breeze.

When completed with due diligence, this exercise alone will empower you to relax a bit more. It will offer much-needed relief to your faculties against the daily grind.

For a more in-depth study of Journal Writing techniques to attain growth, please complete the One Day Journal first and then give me a shout. I shall be happy to unravel more specific trigger points to help you go farther.

P.S. I offer the above service absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and with NO OBLIGATION on your part to buy anything, any book, any training program and/or study at all due to my firm belief that your SUCCESS will also help me with my continued success!


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