Simple Steps to Success

STOP WINGING IT: ‘Winging it’ means having no written goals or plans; going without knowing where you are, where you intend to go and how you are going to get there without a road map, without a compass, and without a guide. It is a well-acknowledged fact that action without planning is no better than inaction.

DEVELOP A STRATEGY: Once you have made up your mind about the specific improvement you want to bring about in your lifestyle, plan the stages of various actions that you need to take from stage 1 to the next and further on. It is only by taking small steps that we can get far, but the precondition is that you must maintain a continuous momentum of consolidated steps in the right direction.

STRIVE TO BEAT YOUR PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE: Whether it is your own business or you work for someone else, always strive to beat your individual performance and show that you can do better at every step. This is what creates a distinction between you and the common man; this is what makes you uncommon, and this is what will make you appreciated.

NEVER STARVE YOURSELF OF MOTIVATION: Once you have made up your mind to achieve excellence, it becomes much more vital for you to continuously feed your brain with positive thoughts from those who have been there before yourself. The amount of motivational writings available in today’s world is absolutely mind-boggling, but alas, we do not take due advantage of the vast amount of knowledge inherent therein. Even a one-degree turn from the direction of your goal will bring you 360 degrees back to the exact same spot where you started from and then you will have no one to blame but yourself.

BRING QUALITY TO YOUR RELAXATION: How do you do that? Whenever you have a chance to relax, whether by yourself or with family, make sure you are having as much fun as possible. Never ever let distractions or the mundane problems come and bother you. Learn to empower each person on your team whether it is at work, home or at play. Create a TEAM spirit. Encourage each player to take responsibility for his or her own sector. By applying this particular technique, you will not just win everybody’s trust but respect as well.

ALWAYS WATCH THE SMALL STEPS SO THE BIG ONES WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES: Most people underestimate the cumulative effect of each small step. They figure that it just doesn’t matter; it’s only one step. If you think that one missing link does not matter, consider for a moment a chain with a hundred links. You are using this chain to tie down a ferocious animal. Somehow you ended up overlooking one little link in that chain which is a little weaker or a little loose.

Can you visualize the possible catastrophic effects of that weak or loose link? What will happen if this ferocious animal gets to loosen itself from that chain because of this weak link? Continued pressure applied by this animal in his quest to free himself will ultimately break the chain.

Now, this same animal that was well controlled by the chain is free to go wild and wreak havoc everywhere. Precisely the same way, one loose thought or immature (weak) action on your part can topple the so-called apple cart, resulting in unexpected loss of opportunities and compromise the resulting success.

On the contrary, your attention to detail will not let that weak or loose link be overlooked, and you would have fixed it before using it to tie the animal with. Now, this ferocious animal has no chance of making a comfortable get-away.

MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE AND CONSISTENCY: Lack of discipline in your consistent efforts at improvement takes a toll on your mind and character. Just as a soldier maintains strict control and even more stringent workout regime, against possible aggression and or war, you have to learn to be ever more vigilant against the naysayers that keep throwing negatives at you from all angles.

The only difference here is that this war is your personal war and not that of the country. In this war, you are the commander as well as the foot soldier; more appropriately, you are the army of one and the moment you lose focus, the stinging attacks of these naysayers will start to harm you beyond recovery.

Your continued progress, with strict discipline, combined with an unhindered emphasis on the goal will help you immensely against getting sidetracked.

BUILD UPON YOUR STRENGTHS AND OVERCOME WEAKNESSES: One of the more simple formulas for success is to build upon your strengths (like they say: put your best foot forward) and to overcome your weaknesses.

One of the biggest tragedies of human nature is that we humans hate to admit our shortcomings in front of others. It is in this same endeavor that we also try and find friends of our own ilk. Many a time, we are scared to make friends with people from the more affluent background for fear that we may not fit their culture.

"That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well." Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States of America from March 1861 to April 1865 gave us these words of wisdom from his own experiences gleaned from a harsh and deprived childhood. He did not have the luxury of proper schooling for a career and was mostly self-taught.

Last, but not the least, You are the Most Important Person in Your Life: Make sure you give yourself due respect and never ever let your thought process allow your faculties to indulge in any activity, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that could become the cause for you to lose your self-respect. Each passing day must be rewarding enough for you to justify all your thoughts as well as actions with pride.

When you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and claim that you did indeed put this day to the most productive use then and only then you can argue that you have learned something exceptional that will ultimately prepare you to stand out from among the crowds.

So long as you stay focused and keep working towards achieving your goal of extraordinary performance, there’s not much chance of your getting sidetracked. Stay away from the naysayers and start living the potential to overcome all obstacles and come out a winner, rather an achiever!

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