'To Be Or Not To Be'

How could one ever challenge the Universally recognized wisdom of the ever-green 16th Century English Poet, Playwright, Actor and Writer par excellence that Shakespeare has been known as?

In "Hamlet" Act 3 Scene 1, the dilemma faced by Prince Hamlet of Denmark while considering avenging his father's murder by his uncle, Shakespeare presented in these beautiful words "To Be, Or Not To Be" shall always hold true as long as civilization exists. The only difference is that some of us recognize the challenges while most others do no. Those that do take the necessary steps to address the situation head-on whereas the others end up losing more than they could ever imagine.

Think of the three most important things that you always wanted in your life, first as a child, then as a teenager and last, but not the least, as an adult. Have those three things always remained constant until acquired or you ended up compromising per given situation and settled for something else instead?

I am sure by now you must have realized that life is subject to change at every step. Those that understand the cycle and learn to flow with it win the game while an attempt to go against the system poses challenges that we are seldom prepared for. PLEASE take note: I am not implying a failure by the longest shot. Instead, my observation is that our preparedness to change the course of the tide is in our own hands and the only thing we need, first and foremost, is to learn the techniques rather than getting carried away by the strong currents of the tide, into oblivion.

We can find umpteen numbers of examples of ferociously raging rivers that have been tamed with ingeniously crafted dams, bridges, culverts, and tributaries, all for the benefit of mankind. These amazingly thoughtful and determined individuals, the thinkers, the designers, the architects, the strong teams and the labor force, they have also risen from among us.

The above statement further proves my point that no matter how difficult a challenge, once we take it upon ourselves to face the same head-on, our willingness to learn the techniques, to acquire the necessary skills and then to gather enough hands to assist us, all come together to support us. The first and foremost necessity is our own willingness "TO BE" rather than "Not to be."

In simple terms, it is entirely up to ourselves whether we want "to be that daring soul to face extremities or life's challenges or we do not want to be" in that enviable position of a WINNER!

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