The Power of One

There are many a different opinion as well as perceptions about the immense possibilities that we are born with. There is not an iota of doubt that we enter this world alone, as an individual and also must die alone.

Yes, you could claim exceptions in the birth of twins or triplets, quadruplets, etc. But the fact remains the same: each baby so born, has to recognize his or her own self and create the best possible identity in the process. Dying together with others, like in the event of a natural disaster, also causes individual deaths as no individual dies twice.

Coming back to the subject of “Power of One,” let us not forget that this Universe was formed out of nothingness, the ZERO factor as nothing existed before that, or that modern science knows of. Our own Universe, a single entity by itself is self-supporting and self-sustaining, without seeking help for survival from any other Universe. We have our individual five elements in Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air, our own Space, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Galaxies and so on and so forth.

Taking a closer look at our daily lives, we cannot underestimate the power as well as the contribution of Computers to all facets, making our life more advanced as well as comfortable to quite a great extent. Did you ever wonder what the essential heart and soul of computers is? It is the combination of various specific and specialized languages (software) that works with Zero and One.

Zero and 1 are the heart and soul of all computing. So, you see the power of Zero where this Universe started from and the combination with 1 that gives computers their life?

Taking this principle further, let us try to decipher the code of human psychology: how we live. It is a Universally accepted truth that we, humans, are social animals. We like to live in groups and interact with other groups.

It is almost impossible for a sane human being to live alone all his or her life, without ever communicating with anyone else at all. And that brings the need for 1 more individual in our life that we could relate to and also interact with, as and when necessary. Without this one individual, our lives will become meaningless and push us into insanity.

Imagine the power of one little seed that gives birth to a tiny sapling which ultimately grows into a fruit-bearing tree and provides not just food for all but also the relief to birds from the scorching heat of the sun, during summer months. These very same trees help us breath better by converting the harmful Nitrogen gas into Oxygen, all starting from the same little seed. The fruit from this tree produces more seeds to help us plant our orchards and keep the chain going.

When we stop communicating with people, especially with those of the same bent of mind as ourselves, we get sucked into the quagmire of negativity, hopelessness and being Unwanted. This leads to stress and other related side-effects that bring more disastrous consequences in its wake.

Keeping all the above in view and trying to make marmalade out of the lemons thrown at us by others, let us visualize the real “Power of One:”

1 and 1 make 11, right? Or do you know of any other way to write 11 without using the same 1 twice over? I don’t think so. Much the same way, let us start applying this principle in our daily lives to create the power of 11 with every single association with just one like-minded individual and keep the chain growing to 111 or 1111, even 1111 and so on and so forth.

We have all heard and probably also seen the example of 1 matchstick being broken by a little kid with perfect ease but when you put 6, 7 or 8 of them together, even the most powerful, grown-up male cannot break them into pieces, all at once.

Apply the above principles in life with full diligence and see your creative, productive, supportive network grow to immense power where each individual; takes strength from the union rather than using/misusing and/or exploiting anyone.

Make learning a habit. Make it your ‘mantra’ that you will learn something new each day, to read at least one page of a book yet unread or communicate with one stranger that you have never ever met in your life. Try to gain a little bit of knowledge or share with someone an experience each day of your life and see the change happen, a change for the better, a change to a new YOU!

One true friend in your life can make an impact that even Millions of Dollars cannot guaranty! Why, because money comes and goes but strong, truthful relations survive whether you become rich or poor. I can say this with absolute certainty as I have been through that step in my own life and proudly enjoy friendships that have sustained over half a century already.

As friends, we have been through the roller coaster rides of sudden riches and absolute poverty but never let that come in-between. Not even our spouses have ever tried to rupture that relationship of mutual trust and respect, our willingness to be always one phone-call away, through thick and thin.

Be that friend to someone you know and respect and make sure you fulfill your part of the commitment with diligence, without expecting anything in return! This is the legacy you want to build for yourself, to be remembered by at least one individual as a genuine human being that ever lived. More the Merrier!!!

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