What Qualifies You As An Achiever?

We all strive for greatness in one form or another: some get it while most others do not.

Some acquire success in a particular way or form. Exceptionally bright students get to the top of the class year-after-year. An entrepreneur expands his/her business across geographic boundaries.

Scientists and innovators/researchers, engineers and technologists create new systems, products, methodologies, medicines, machines, software, devices, and a multitude of other conveniences. They help our lives become more enjoyable, productive, profitable, and meaningful.

Political leaders rise to fame across the Globe or philanthropists that have taken a specific cause to their hearts and thus happily given away Billions out of their hard and smart-earned wealth.

We need a closer look at any of these outstanding personalities and their upbringing. Where they came from and how mesmerizing has been their claim to fame? We find common among the majority of them or should I say across the board their selfless approach to life. Not one of them ever worked with the ultimate act of fame as his or her goal in life.

One thing they all pursued, with incredible dexterity, sometimes even at the cost of pleasure, friends, and relationships is their passion. This is what created within these individuals a higher degree of self-awareness or Self Appreciation. They put all their energies behind their hard-to-acquire and even harder-to-practice wisdom. They took all the crucial decisions of their personal as well as professional lives around this basic tenet of Self Appreciation that brought them to the cusp of Global Appreciation.

Keeping the above scenario in mind, would it be out of place to say that each one of them became an achiever at smaller accomplishments first. This, in turn, gave rise to more significant and higher challenges that kept propelling them further on their chosen path?

Once we agree to this systematic approach to Global Recognition by way of Self-Realization of an Achiever, we are forced to look into the fundamental DNA of an Achiever: what does it compose of, how does it come into being, what are the criteria to become an achiever and so on and so forth.

My perception of an 'Achiever' is as follows:

A true ‘achiever’ is not necessarily a filthy rich individual, with all the world's luxuries at his or her command. One does not need to be endowed with supernatural capabilities and no need for Millions of Followers whether on Social Media or in real life.

There exist some other traits to help us identify an 'Achiever' more easily. As a matter of fact, we do not need just to define an 'Achiever.' It is absolutely possible for us, the 'Common-man and woman,' the Ordinary Individuals, to take necessary preemptive action, make minor changes in our daily routine and acquire the necessary mindset to become one ourselves as well. Let us take a closer look at some of the examples:

#1 Any given individual who takes pride in the job at hand, any assigned job that helps bring out his/her creativity in an appreciable way and does perform not just per expectations BUT goes way beyond, to the level of 'Outstanding' deserves to be recognized as an 'Achiever.'

#2 An individual with the mindset of a Daily Goal-setter and enjoys new challenges that help him/her not only set but also strive to attain more formidable Goals day-in and day-out.

#3 In my vocabulary the definition of an 'Achiever' includes anyone with an unquenchable thirst for more challenging, more awe-inspiring goals far, far away from the beaten track, without ever looking for a comfort zone.

#4 One endowed with an analytical mind that helps him or her stay focused on the cause dear to his/her heart at all times has every right to be acknowledged as an 'Achiever.' This person can manage to stay away from all the unnecessary distractions in daily life and continue on the chosen path with measurable success each step of the way.

#5 One with a magnetic personality and spirit of helpfulness, in my thinking, is reasonably well-qualified to be recognized as an 'Achiever' as well since others look up to him for guidance in their hour of need.

Dear Readers, your valuable, constructive input will be much appreciated in here because this particular topic is the subject of my Best Selling book: "You Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth."

P.S. Please feel free to share this Blog Post among your favorite 'like-minded' circle as well as on Social Media channels, wherever possible. This will provide me continued energy to share more information for focused growth and advancement.

Thank You!

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