Dare to Dream

Dreams are an integral part of our life. Some accept this fact while others do not. No matter which side you want to be on, the facts tell us a lot about the 'Power of our Dreams.'

We can learn a lot about the significance of our dreams from this small and yet appropriate quote from the life of President Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of United States of America: "We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers". He regarded himself as the personal representative of the people.

Our dreams help us set lofty goals. The inspiration for achieving those goals comes from our instinctive preparedness to chart the course of our journey towards those goals. This is where 'a guide by your side, not a sage on the stage' can help you identify various routes, visualize the challenges, hardships, negative aspects and/or lack of proper logistics.

Such a guide can also assist you in solving those challenges in the most appropriate fashion. This guide can identify possible refreshing as well as replenishing methods to keep you on course without much difficulty or at least in a manageable way.

The 'guide by your side' can also help you set achievable targets to provide the much-needed impetus, the satisfaction each step of the way concerning continued success in overcoming hurdles and keep pushing you forward.

One thing you will definitely agree with me on is this: we only get genuinely free of all worries and stop dreaming when we lie six feet underground. So long as we are alive, we will continue to work, eat, rest, sleep and while sleeping: Dream!

Majority of successful people will testify to the fact that their primary source of inspiration has come in their dreams. They have been able to tackle their life's most significant challenges while sleeping. This is the time when your sub-conscious takes over, to help you analyze your worries and problems systematically. This process comes in front of your eyes in the form of dreams and Eureka! You got your solution.

Dreams are another form of clear vision through our sub-conscious minds at rest, away from prying eyes and discouraging surroundings. In most cases it is the last thought on our mind, before going to bed, that comes back to us in the form of a dream and gives us the opportunity to work on it without any distraction and/or outside interference.

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