You Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth


 If you happen to be one of those individuals that just 'live' their lives, rather than 'enjoy'


 If you can barely manage rather than 'plan and execute' your most enjoyable activities


 If you are always taking orders whether at work or among your own circle


 If you have always wanted to command respect


 If you want to stand tall in life...............


This book is your unconditional guarantee to a new YOU, without any compromise!


The tried and tested principles in here have repeatedly proven their effectiveness for individuals from different backgrounds including, but not limited to, social, religious, economic, ethnic and/or geographic barriers, helping them grow their stature, both social as well as financial


The step-by-step process takes you on an exciting journey where you will learn the Significance of  self-appreciation first-hand. Why, because if you did not respect yourself, no one else Will


You will understand and appreciate the significance of 'Perfection in Performance' That Will Help propel you on the 'path to productivity'


These guiding principles that helped me succeed against all odds will also help you learn how to Set lofty goals and achievable targets. Not only that, you will also learn how to embark upon the Path to success and keep moving forward


This 'Guide-by-Your-Side' will take you on a thrilling ride and teach you how to make marmalade instead Of lemonade from the lemons that others throw at you! This is a direct Reference to creating value from adverse situations and keep wearing your beautiful, charming and infectious smile with perfect ease


You will discover the real purpose of your life in simplest terms: Why you were born as well as many other insightful details that would help you big time in forging ahead with full force!!!








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