Coming from the pen  of an outstanding achiever that lived major part of his childhood as well as Youth in a state of denial to basic necessities , these books represent a  fight for not Just Survival But also establishing an identity, achieving success and standing tall !


The readers get empowered to set lofty goals and achievable targets for growth!

If the author could do this without modern-day conveniences & technology, you can do it better, faster and with ease, GUARANTEED !!

Just follow the steps & break out of your box!!!

YOU Are YOU-nique: Realize Your True Worth!!!
You will find herein simple transition from 'utter desperation' of common-man to the comfort-level of an outstanding 'Achiever' that has been missing in so many lives.
You and You alone have the power to decide when you want to break free of the "common-man" syndrome and hold your head high with pride of achievement.
This book will help you invoke the unrealized power within, to write your own destiny, while the author is happy, willing and committed to act as the proven 'Guide by Your Side' every step of the way. The "Teacher on Call" is happy to share the necessary tools as well as necessary step-by-step guidance that empowers you to propel with ease on the "Uninterrupted Freeway to Success"!!!

YOU Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth, Part II


Starting with self-realization and moving on to the power of an open mind, this exercise in retrospect takes you, dear readers, on an exciting and yet immensely powerful journey to fame, gives you 5 secrets to personality development. 


This is one of the most valuable resources you can put to good use on a daily basis, to come out a winner.  


You will learn how to conduct your very own S W O T analysis of: 



Opportunities &


YOU Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth, Part III


The 'Sages  on their Stages' everywhere in the World tell us to break out of the box but fail to help us clearly identify the same and how to stay away from their traps. In most cases, they fall short of giving us the nececssary tools to break out of the so-called 'box'!


This part of the anthology: "YOU Are YOU-nique" takes you all the way, hand-in-hand with the 'Guide-By-Your-Side'. Not only that, you will also experience first-hand, the 'Power of Self-Realization' that shall become your first step to 'Recognition' and open up doors to opportunities you could never imagine possible.


You will also learn the power of 5 `P`s to master some of the most innovative techniques and derive  maximum leverage out of your day, no holds barred!!! Once you have registered for updates, you will start to receive advance copies of my upcoming books