Now that you have taken the first step to move ahead in your life’s pursuits, let us take a closer look at the 5 Ws of your individual personality:


  1. WHO: Who am I in the sphere of things, an individual in the Global arena

  2. What is the purpose of my being, my obligation to the Universe that I MUST fulfill; what is my ultimate Goal

  3. When is the right time to get started on this journey of knowing myself, my identity, my purpose in life

  4. Where am I supposed to begin this journey and where do I need to go from there, the choice or options

  5. Why do I need to indulge in this exercise and to what end


Once you have answered the above 5 Ws, you will be in a better position to chart your course, your career pursuits and your laser-sharp focus on a certain Goal.


P.S. I am neither a Psychologist  or Faith Healer nor do I claim to be professionally qualified to address any physical and/or mental conditions of any kind.  As such, I cannot provide any specific advice related to any specific problems and/or challenges, whether physical, mental, psychological or otherwise. All ideas, suggestions, techniques and/or recommendations are specifically shared with and for the personal interpretational use of the individual  duly registered  for this specific program that I  offer "Free of Charge".


My only attempt through these web pages is to help you realize, appreciate and harness the power of ‘Self-Realization’, move on to ‘Self-Appreciation’ and gradually rise to the level of ‘Mass Appreciation’ based upon my personal life experiences where I survived and thrived through pretty harsh and hostile situations over a number of years, went through many upheavals and still kept on bouncing back each and every time.


Your willingness to pursue this course any further and/or process any information gleaned by way of communication between us will be your binding acknowledgement of the fact that you have read, understood and agreed to take full responsibility for any or all direct, indirect or implied results arising out of your action/s or lack thereof, in a timely manner.


I, Bharat Mathur, DO NOT hold myself responsible for any change in your current situation, whether for better or worse, as a result of your negligence to exercise due care in performance of your daily activities in a judicious manner.


The goal you select now may not necessarily be the ultimate goal as priorities tend to keep changing in our lives. However, the journey requires the exact same set of skills, planning, preparation and performance to get there.


Before you embark upon this ‘tedious’ and perhaps less than meaningful task, please do remember this fact: your mental agility can help you overcome insurmountable challenges with ease.


In order to attain that agility, you need to identify your individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, commonly known as SWOT analysis.


Once you have completed the above analysis, I would like you to write a brief cover note indicating why you chose what you chose to write in relation to the above.


This will help your inner self realign with your preparedness to embark upon the course of change.


Please click the following button to register your digital agreement to the above pre-conditions stated in Italics and move on to the next step