Like humans, business organizations also have their own Unique needs, wants, situations as well as organizational demands on time. However, the similarity does not end there since ‘Trading their Time for Profit or Wages/Salary/Compensation etc.’ by humans converts into ‘Trading its Goods and Services for Profit’ for the enterprise.


No matter how you cut it, giving one thing to get another is the basic necessity for survival and we cannot escape the same, no matter how hard we may try.


Given the above scenario, creating a balance between giving and taking or “Value Delivered” apropos “Value Received” is the yardstick that determines satisfaction of both parties to the given transaction. What happens when one gets less than the other: an imbalance occurs that could derail the transaction or at the very least, jeopardise continued engagement of both the parties on a regular basis.


In order to stay ahead in this race to keep our balanced momentum going, in pursuit of our goals, it is imperative that we keep an eye on possible dissent and/or dissatisfaction of the opposite party in a given situation. This is where our skillful management techniques come into play irrespective of the situation and/or environment, whether it be home or business, social or professional, service-oriented or product-oriented, love, affection, care or friendship based.


It gives me great pleasure to share what my personal experiences have taught me in my 40 years of transition through a wide range of situations, job descriptions, business ownership and mentoring as well as being “Guide” to those confident enough to take my guidance and come out Winners.


“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”, wrote Shakespeare in his famous play “Henry the Fourth”, Part II, Act III, Scene 1!


The above quote gives us a deep insight into the responsibilities that come with entrepreneurship. Whether you own the business yourself or you manage it for someone else, the accompanying worries are yours to face.


While we have every right to celebrate our success, we MUST also  learn to stand strong in the face of adversity. When the storm clouds come, little birds take cover while the eagles soar high up in the sky.


This is where my personal experiences can, and surely will, help you gather air under your wings and teach you to soar high up with the eagles. My tried and tested techniques have proven their effectiveness time and time again. Given an opportunity, I shall be more than happy to share the same with you and your TEAM (Together Everybody Acquires Money or Together Everyone Achieves More, take your pick).  






Any or all of my Training Program/s, Consultation/s, Seminar/s, Workshop/s, Conference/s and/or Speaking Engagements come with a Measurable Progress Guarantee spread over 90 days upon completion. In the event you fail to see positive results upon the expiry of this ‘measurement’ period, I will gladly REFUND your tendered fee, No Questions Asked!


Thank You!