My One-word Introduction: Achiever


My Mission in life is to help those desirous of making a quantum change in their overall lifestyle by way of Personality Development. This includes over-worked and stressed-out Executives, sales professionals looking to become sales superstars (and that includes Realtors too) as well as the ordinary workers trying to break monotony and rise in life.


My expertise on these subjects is second to none as I lived through adversity, trials, and tribulations and yet came out a winner in the shortest period of time. I am the Best-selling Author of a widely acclaimed e-book on the Power of Self-Realization: "You Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth.”


My extraordinary focus on imparting 'Value-driven, Guaranteed, Measurable Training Programs is the highlight of my career, and I deliver the same as a "Guide-by-Your-Side" rather than a "Sage-on-the-Stage."


Looking back into my humble upbringing, in a state of almost poverty, I consider myself to be way more prosperous than most others. Why? Because I had nothing worth losing when I stepped out into the job market, and everything to grow including, but not limited to my still-short life’s struggles, trials and triumphs, education, and practical advice of my elders PLUS “Rock-solid Determination.”


It is this very virtue of determination that saw me climb the ladders of success one after the other while learning the significance as well as the process of Goal Setting & identifying achievable targets to stay on track.


A product of “The School of Hard Knocks” in its purest form, I have been gifted with a keen sense of giving more than 100% of my focus and attention to the cause at hand, always. It is in this quest that I achieved almost all of my life’s goals as and when planned, no matter how lofty each one of them was:


  1. I bought my first house, Cash Down (No Mortgage) at the age of 30 and went on to add multiple Investment Properties to my fast-growing portfolio over the next 5 years

  2. Imported the car of my dreams, a Mercedes Benz (while still living in India) and even paid Penal Import Duty of 320% to the government, to take possession of the same

  3. Married the Love of My Life; we have been together for over 35 years now

  4. Took up Real Estate business as a Hobby and soon established well-enough to sell at an average rate of 2 houses per week, over 500 homes in 5 years

  5. Took retirement from active business-life per my long-cherished Goal of Freedom 55

  6. Moved away from an environment of rampant corruption, excessive pollution, and Self-serving politicians in India to ever so peaceful, supportive and welcoming Canada, for the sake of our only child, to give him a better life, and help him grow up as an exceptionally talented individual

  7. Helped businesses in India, Canada as well as in the U.S. multiply their output while cutting costs in the range of hundreds of thousands of Dollars annually

  8. Acted as Advisor to C.E.O.s in matters of "Identifying Trouble Spots in their organizations, Increasing  Productivity, Showcasing Innovative  Sales Strategies to Boost Sales by as much as 30% within 6 months , Eliminating Wasteful Practices to trim Establishment costs while working hand-in-hand with their teams as, when and where required since I love to "Teach by Example" for lasting impact


I have invested better part of my successful business career, spanning over 40 years, achieving positive results, creating value where none existed before, mentoring 'C' Suite executives, business owners, managers, and their T.E.A.M. members as well as my personal friends, colleagues and associates.


Another precious skill I picked up through my rise to the level of an 'Achiever' is 'Cost Efficiency Analysis.' Armed with this much-needed weapon to cut costs and increase productivity, I have helped organizations SAVE hundreds of thousands and in some cases even millions of precious Dollars in recurring charges to strengthen their bottom line!


One of the most amazing techniques that I learned from my mentors while growing up relates to 'Time-Stretching' that helped me gain over 50% extra leverage from the 24 hour days. This also happens to be one of my most-impactful Corporate Training subjects over the years, hands down!