Simple Yet Effective Gains


Understand the significance of P E R F E C T I O N in things you do as a matter of routine


Success comes in small doses, bit by bit, BUT helps strengthen growth cycle in concrete steps


It is up to your own self to gain R E C O G N I T I O N and stand out from among the crowds


Practising perfection is one of the most powerful keys to gain O U T S T A N D I N G stature in society


D E T E R M I N A T I O N is the soil that YOU need, to cultivate the desired bloom of SUCCESS


The destination is always a few steps out of your comfort zone. Unless you decide to cross that barrier, you’ll need to be content with your current state of affairs, or even worse


Changing priorities every now and then keeps one away from making a concerted effort in maintaining focus on the immediate target that would help reach the Goal


Leonardo da Vinci gave a powerful message in his advise to "fix our eyes to a star" in our journey to a point beyond the Horizon. This civilization has not seen too many likes of this great artist, painter and multi-faceted human being par excellence


"T I M E" is the single most important commodity that nature has given as a non-replenishing gift. Learn to use it wisely, judiciously and in a miserly fashion


Stop wasting T I M E through acts of ‘Winging In’ and learn to invest it productively, before it is too late


Get rid of monotony and build focus on the most important aspects of life, let the creative juices flow


Change your “T H O U G H T – P R O C E S S” in order to change the reality of have-not to “have it all”


Harness the power of “P O S I T I V I T I V E - T H O U G H T S” to find that all too important silver-lining in the thick, dark clouds


Learn to dream “L O F T Y - D R E A M S” and setting up “A C H I E V A B L E - T A R G E T S”


Put your heart and soul in the job at hand so that, at the end of the day, you can find solace in the job well-done and earn a sound sleep, knowing that nobody could have done the same job better than you


Practising perfection brings PERSONAL PRIDE as a reward and brings us closer to Universal



STOP Pushing and Start Pulling! Pushing people to finish their tasks pushes them away. Instead, practice P U L L I N G them closer. This all-too important habit will bring many a helping hands closer to you in your time of need


Once a given job is finished, revisit the same to ensure there are no loose ends left behind and in case you find some, fix them right then and there, before others get to notice them


Let your inside beauty, the beauty of your thoughts and the spirit of giving, O U T S H I N E your outside appearance. Create a genuine spirit of practicing perfection and helping others rise in life as well


Stay away from selfish and/or “evil friends” as Lord Buddha claimed and start creating your own circle of like-minded individuals, focused on mutual growth


TRUE  F R I E N D S are T H E  F L O W E R S that N E V E R  W I L T


STOP dwelling too much upon your misfortune, find your own way and get out as soon as possible because the longer you do that, the more they will continue to hurt you


Your quest for perfection will generate P R I D E that leads to “S E L F – A W A R E N E S S”. You will find how immensely limitless your capabilities are and this, in turn, will help you look for ever-higher targets


Avoid leaving negative impressions as they’ll come back to haunt you over and over again


There is a lot of room at the top but not enough to sit down and relax


Last, but not the least, YOU have just learned how to start putting together the ladder for your astronomical growth with some basic steps:

  • Self-realization

  • Self-escalation

  • Self-appreciation and

  • Mass-appreciation


The challenge for you now is to find the purpose of your life, the BIG Why?


Why you were born, what are your super special qualities and/or talents that only you possess and what legacy you plan on creating with this super special power to leave behind, for generations to remember?


Identify your YOU-nique proposition, your own niche and work to excel in the same as best as you can AND THEN SOME MORE!