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Life is full of surprises, some great, and others not so palatable!


How do you handle situations beyond your control?


The combined force of knowledge, intellect, intent, and action is the generally accepted antidote.


Please allow me to mention one other significant partner in this quest.                  


A genuine offer of help from someone experienced!


      Challenges always appear when you least expect them.                     

How do you prepare yourself to not just face them but also win decisively?


Whenever you need a fresh dose of inspiration

Please visit



Businesses reap the benefits from my advice across North America.   


Here is a snapshot of various areas of operation I can help you with


  • Cost Efficiency Analysis

  • Productivity Enhancement Workshops

  • Employees Training, Development, and Retention Strategies

  • Preparing for the  Fourth Industrial Revolution powered by “IoT”

  • Executive Stress Management, Creative Development Training Sessions


Those reaping the benefits of my advice, and training recognize me as a


  • A Guide by Your Side Not a Sage on the Stage

  • A teacher on call, rather than a preacher behind the wall

  • An accomplished achiever that has been through the ropes

  • An intuitive researcher that commands deep analytical skills

  • A true well-wisher that goes the distance with you, and for you​


Besides my highly sought-after one-on-one Executive Training sessions,  I am proud to announce the launch of my online courses on "IoT"

Please feel free to visit:


One of the most pressing factors behind this initiative is the Premium Webinar in September 2017 that I offered to over 2,000 members of the Project Management Organization on the 5 W’s of Change Management.


In addition, over 8,700 of their Premium Members have viewed it since then. The points I raised in there continue to receive rave reviews:


IGNORANCE is no excuse when it comes to technology in general and Disruptive Technology in particular. Have you prepared a sound, logical game plan to protect your business and proceed unhindered?

I can help you take advantage of the pervasive 'Connectivity' scenario. CEOs across diverse industry segments count on my research into the 'Internet of Things' and its impending sweep on every industry.



My well-researched insights into upcoming tech scene empower them to continue at their productive best. The analytical approach I propose takes into consideration a unique ‘Five W’ methodology to beat the element of surprise.

The fast-evolving equation, riding the wave of ‘Internet of Things,’ poses questions for both the decision-makers and the workforce alike. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and a multitude of varied considerations pose insurmountable barriers to sustained growth when neglected.


You are most humbly invited to check out my immensely valuable and highly engaging 'Insights' on "SUCCESS MATTERS" as Mentor, Columnist and Featured Contributor at as well as on my LinkedIn page at

*****The author's advice will stand up to any scrutiny. Be a giver not a taker and go the extra mile in business, who will argue with this, with excellent examples of how this advice will actually help you if you stop and remind yourself of them. Mr Mathur then moves onto his 12 steps to success which I would strongly advise to read.

Shaun Green

***** I truly enjoyed reading this uplifting book, and I especially liked the chapter on the 8 Ps: Perfection in Performance Prepares Path to Productivity and Provides Personal Pride!

Claudia Svartefoss